June 22, 2008

S-I-R catastrophe!

:: in the pic = the thesaurus that i bOrrOw frOm my sis fOr the S-I-R cOmpetitiOn,sheets Of papers that abg.shucOre gave tO me [it cOntain 299 wOrds that yOu ought tO knOw] and a bOttLe of Headstart [energy drink that reaLLy bOost things up!! aLL tanx tO babah fOr giving me this]
:: this is at Berjaya Times Square [which is nOt my Least fave pLace in the whOLe wOrLd.oOpss!!] this pic was taken by rOy whiLe we were waiting fOr the cOmpetitiOn tO start :: p/s: i persOnaLLy think this pic was very nice,meaning : aren't we the cutest creature On earth??
S-I-R chaLLenge stands fOr SPELL-IT-RIGHT cOmpetitiOn.that is just a fancy way of saying 'speLLing bee cOmpetitiOn'.fOr this cOmpetitiOn,i WASTED my saturday by spEnding the whOLe day memOrizing big and bOmbastic wOrds [as abg.shucOre said] tapi aku sangat-sangat bertuah cz befOre the cOmpetitiOn,sume my frEns heLp me with my wOrds. eika,nada,sheeba,nadiah,dayah,twinz,athirah,mahmudah. they aLL yang sanggup toLong aku tyme kt assembLy and kat keLas.dOrng cam suppOrtive giLer. then my mum and dad wLupun kene gune magnifying gLass tO see the wOrds cz the wOrds are kiLLer smaLL. and my sis nOt to fOrget,makaseh!! aLthOugh with aLL the suppOrt and 'training' i stiLL feLt reaLLy2 nervOus befOre the cOmpetitiOn.as if the feeLings teLLs me sumthing nOt reaLLy gOod gOing tO happen.weLL,i guess my feeLings is true cz i 'kantOi' at my 2nd wOrd!!! gawd!! but i am a LittLe bit better than harris and 'wathisname?' .hahahaha.and syAf is far mOre better than any of us.rase macam wasted sangat-sangat.but what tO dO?things happen....tapi serOnok sebab my cLose frens dtg tO give suppOrt.eika,meL2,rOy and nada.thanks frOm the bOttOm of my heart!!aku hargai sangat2..and meL2,sOrry fOr what happened tOday.tuLah sifAt naturaL aku,susah sikit nak buang,maAf...

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