September 19, 2009

bright sunny day after a heavy rain poured down

it felt like such a long time since the last time i lay my fingers on my beloved keyboard to blog.

i've been rather busy lately. sorry.

well, actually studies kinda fill up ,most of my time. (honest!)

for this semester, i have another 5 subjects which are:
  • Accounting Practice
  • Economics
  • Writing for Academic Purposes
  • Computing Studies
  • Probability and Statistics
as i am a former science stream student, i actually never ever learn anything about accounting and economics before in high school. therefore, i need to spent more time studying for the subjects.

actually i never felt so helpless in my studies before until this point of time.

yes, i admit, i am FREAKING OUT by that HELPLESS feeling.

so, Liyana is currently moving under a gunfire mode for accounting and economics!

though, at some part, i was like "why in the world do i need to take all these subjects? i'm gonna be taking language for my degree for heaven sake!"

but, that way of thinking wont get me anywhere right? and i always believe that 'everything happen for reasons'.

for this semester, i got 4 subjects which involve calculations. whoah, it's been awhile i didnt do any calculations! ngee!

anyways, Congrats to Baqir, he's done with his first final semester exam. walaupun dia kata his Chemistry paper sucks like hell but i have faith in him. he'll gonna go far. just trust me!

ooh yaa, recently things kinda slowly falling into place. i mean it, SLOWLY.

after i told some rather/kinda/maybe important stuff to him, i saw some changes. quoting what Jes said, "a bright sunny day after a heavy down pour". but what the hell. whatever. following the flow. letting the wind blows and just fall wherever fate decide.

anyways, some pictures from me and my neneks! there's more but its all on my Facebook.

when?: 17 Sept 2009 (2nd sem Foundation)
where?: UCSI mph

from left: zaza, sasha, zazaa, me
front: Jesmyn Tan Ern-Lei

mid autumn of me n zaza

napp-over at Jes house!

happy festival to all from Liyana and Jesmyn!!!

looooove my newest G!!!

ewan si mata besar!


September 13, 2009


Ed Westwick/ Chuck Bass
in love with him.

mirror ooh mirror..

how i loooove you soo much.

wait wait, do i really love the mirror or is it actually...

i love myself?

i guess i love myself!!

well, i love the mirror because it reflected my image.

therefore, technically and logically i do love myself.

ahaa, i dont see any point of these oohsoocalled 'FACT'.

i kinda spent my day on the mirror today, i mean, belek-belek my face in the mirror for hours!! i notice that my face in serious need of MOISTURE REGIME, my brow in need of another threading session (i mean, wth, i got only one brow? jealousy indicator? wth.) , my lips caked out and dreadful eyebags! but look on the bright side, at least i dont have zits or whatever. *sigh*

just some randomness. mind me ya people..

anyways, just to update some stuff here...

tomorrow is MONDAY again, me happily got class till 8pm.

tomorrow gonna have Economics and Accounting.

uhh, sometimes i felt like ''WTH do i need to take these subjects? FGS!! i am going to a language student laa!! why on the effin Earth, i need Economics and Accounting? and also Probabililty and Statistics. why ooh why?"

although i do feel likewise but i try my best to think of it in a more positive thoughts. hurm? is this the result of taking positive psychology for the last semester? i am not so sure but seriously, i do feel a lil bit changes in my way of thinking and view towards life after learning positive psychology. thanks Mrs. Bing for making the subject such a learning pleasure.


last night, i rekindled a looooong lost friendship with a certain someone.

forgiveness as our main topic of conversation.

can i be friendfriend with him again after soo long?

can i forgive him?

well, all i can say for now is, let just wait and see.

although our conversation was kinda awkward
but i have to admit, i am happy for your 'returning'.
may this time, it doesnt turn out like last time.

September 10, 2009

terbang jauh

"akhirnya, perlahan-lahan dia melepaskan tali layang-layang yang dipegang erat selama beberapa minggu itu. perlahan-lahan dia melihat layang-layang itu terbang jauh pergi dan hilang dari pandangan mata. hilang ditelan awan? dia tidak tahu. adakah layang-layang itu akan kembali ke pangkuan dia? satu soalan yang masih belum ada jawapan. elemen harapan, satu hari nanti layang-layang itu akan terbang pulang ke sisi dia. tetapi, elemen harapan sudah tidak relevan dalam situasi ini. tidak releven. dia perlu berhenti. khayalan, imaginasi, berhenti di situ. tetapi sayup-sayup kedengaran suara hati berkata-kata. kata-kata yang kedengaran menyokong dan juga membantah. tidak membantu memulihkan keadaan. biarkan. biarkan ia berlalu dengan tenang. usah difikirkan lagi segala 'kenangan' yang pernah ada. biarkan. ia berlaku sekali lagi. keadaan berulang. sakitnya, sama. tapi, kali ini, terdapat sedikit perbezaan. perbezaan yang akan mendewasakan dia."

~nur liyana~

September 5, 2009

it's over

hello dearest earthlings!
i am here again to crapp in this precious blog of mine.
quick update: i am now a very proud owner of a white ceramic PSP ( will follow later).

the other day (aku takk ingat bila entah) sashareen show me some new wallpapers she got for her iTouch. there's one picture with a quote that really caught my attention.

"someday someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else."

kinda deep. don't you think? the quote has made me thinking of alot of things. one of the things is, is there really exist crapp like oohsoocalled true love? hmm? before i make myself thinking any further, i stopped all the thoughts. why? well, simply because it may get messy and kinda emoemo. haha. stupid reason Liyana!

yet my relationship fail AGAIN. am i not destined for relationship? haha. funny question! like i mentioned what Baqir said to me before, "Liyana, kau paling sesuai single laa." then Eika said,"Lynn,kau kena cari orang yang betul-betul faham kau,kau nie complicated." then MelMel once said,"kau kena belajar setia Lynn."

ahaa, what are you guys trying to imply here? I will end up alone? haha. morbid joke! what the effin hell am i crapping about? ahaa. just another moment of randomness. anyways, its kinda a refreshing feeling knowing there's no more bloody attachment and i get my single life back but still i am kinda concern of what happens in the future. haha.

relationship has been always a mess and such crapp on my opinion. but yet, i still engaged in one. how stupid is that? another thing that really bug me now is the fact that why is it when you really have something real towards someone, things will turned out not well? weird huh? another crappy thing is, i think there's something wrong with me and relationship that have proper 'declaration'.

okay okay, i think its enough that i blabs too much about this sheet. moving on. there's nothing to see here. haha. back to reality!

yesterday, (4 Sept 2009) i engaged in an adult and serious conversation! my first ever one! though at first im kinda too much absorbed in my game but finally the conversation attracts my attention. talking about my future career. haha. kinda early if you asked me but my parents always tell me, you need to shed some light in your pathway so that the light will help you to see what's there at the end of the road. before this all i want in life is to be an independent woman who is RICH and FAMOUS, but now, i want to be an independent woman who is RICH, FAMOUS, and HAPPY of what am i doing for living. clearly, marriage or any kind of attachment is not in my future plan at all. sorry.

by next week, i need to set my goal and such for this new semester. ooh ya, for this sem, i took 5 subjects, which are:
  • Introduction to Probability and Statistics (1st week already finish 1st chapter,i need to study!)
  • Economics (havent go to class yet.)
  • Accounting Practice (havent go to class yet too.)
  • Writing for Academic Purposes (i am going to enjoy this subject!)
  • Computer Studies (yet another class of Mr. Alan Hoo.haha.)
for this semester, most of my class is with my neneks except for Accounting Practice. because all of them are dropping this subject. WTH. nevermind.

introducing my newest loyal companion, (drumroll please!!!!)

how nice if we could buy our other half rite?
we choose the traits and stuff. cool!!!
haha. but i believe in God's power.
Faith is in God'd hands. as He knows the best for us.

fellow earthlings that really help me in the process
of buying the PSP. Mr Ewan. jasa mu dikenang wahai
kawan ku yang emoemo selalu. haha. also thanks to Sha and Zaa
for the trip to Low Yatt. hehe. awal sangat pulak kita pergi that day. hehe.

September 1, 2009


flying alien that currently hanging to my phone.
thanks to my sis.
she's currently loooove online shopping!

Blackberry Storm
*tears rolling down!*

budak tak puasa no.1
i mean the lil kid not the big one.
adam - cuzzy!

budak takk puasa no.2
oukays,im not being fair..
my adik is not feeling well today.
damn hot his temperature.
haiss,poor him pulak.
*wth! liyana being sympathy?*

around 8-ish pm, got a text from dearest Jesmyn Tan Ern-Lei which kinda make me feel...
how to interpret this?
ooh yaa..made me feel kinda 'OUCH!' and 'WTH!' weird feeling huh? i mean,i should not and cannot have this kind of feelings! i mean,let him laa. i did the same thing so why cant he rite?
oukays,Liyana crapping again..
uhh,really need to lessen my crappiness. people started to say im not making i losing it? no.obviously not.

anyways,tomorrow the new sem starts!
8am class!
but maybe after class will chow to buy PSP with Ewan!

currently tuned to:
always be my baby, David Cook version