May 30, 2009

cute stuff

i am suppose to start on my +ve psycho assignment,but somehow,i cant even think of anything.YET.ze mood of open-up doesnt really in my head yet.hahas.ohh,what the i woke up rather early for a saturday,despite last night i slept kinda late.i don't even remember what did i do last night.hahas.short-term memory lost much?hehe.old lady.then, my mum and my sis went to our old,the house was left to me and my dad.WHAT?no lil monstrous brother???what a joy!!!!then,while taking my bath (how i dreaded bath-times,yes,i am soo malas to mandi,any problem?) my dad called saying that he is going out to do some errands.yesyes the whole house to myself.wahaha.ze day started with a Nasi Lemak Rendang.hehe.i can feel all the fat clumping at my hip!!!whatta??then watch the hell LOADS of telly.hahas.revenge is all MINE.its great not having monstrous lil brother snatching and rebut-ing ze beloved remote control with me.that child is seriously in need of professional help.haizz.the torture.then do some housework then buried my face into ze pengajian malaysia book.ouhh,mid-term is near.then i felt sleepy,darn it!!! this is becoming a habit.its like a dreadful mathematical equation:

Liyana + study = SLEEP

this never happens to me before,i used to love studying.whatta?such geek/nerd huh?hehe.what to do,i love burying my face into books.haha.maybe i lost my study momentum.hah??
btw,i am kinda freaking outt of all the assignment i've got!!!but somehow kinda excited about it too.haha.mixed feelings alert!!!
the other day,me n my sis went to Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka to buy some books for our islamic studies assignment and it ended up as islamic books spree.whatta!!!my mum surely proud of us.hahaha.for the assignment i am pairing wit Sasha.

and we choosed to do 'sistem permasalahan keluarga islam di Malaysia pada masa kini'.so i bought a few books on family and islamic family law.ze books:
  • The Islamic Family, A General View - Muhammad Abdul Rauf
  • Pembubaran perkahwinan mengikut Fiqh dan Undang-undang keluarga islam - Salleh Ismail
  • Institusi kekeluargaan islam - Mustafa Haji Daud
  • kekeluargaan dalam islam - Khurshid Ahmad
i need to start reading and ask sha to do some research on the net.seriously a lot assignment going on.malaysian studies,thank god me grouping with jes and far,islamic studies due date is the nearest.haisss..
oukayss,enuff with the studies and serious stuff...

i am officially in LOVE with these cute thingies!!!
its actually pins.
soo cute rite???
need to buy more later!!!!

kinda fancy some people now.
snap out of it Liyana!!!!!

May 28, 2009

new baby!!!

hello people!!!!
its me saying high!!!
i really mean HIGH!!!
feeling HIGHly hyper rite now!!!
ze pic tells it all.
i dun really do that.
hahas.cause of zes HIGHness: new PHONE,baby!!!!

testing ze camera
my GOD,my room looks orange!!!!
or izit peach???

something we did in positive psychology class
then me n jes decided to give to sha.
she love it!!!

jes's artwork
we feel really kindergarten

my most favourite part of jes artwork.

what makes jes happy.

what make ME happy..
a small part of it.

light bulb


gerl, u r so strong!!!!
tanx for sharing...

our bestguybuddy.
same as vincent!!!

note: will update with more words and less pics next tyme.till then...toodles!!!!!!

May 26, 2009


today i had much fun.we even found another new comrade.zaza!!!
(note to jes: not ze red-haired zaza okays?)
she is soooo funny!!!!
despite today,jes a bit disturbed by the 'NEWS' i told her,everything seem fine.
i dun even feel like spooning anyone's eye out.hahas.
recently, me and sha are kinda planning about our next sem subjects.
cz we want to be in the same class together.
jes said,"mid-term pun belum,and you guys already planning for next sem?tak sabar nak graduate ke?"
fact: jes a bit funny speak in malay.but its cute!!!!
anyways,enjoy the pictures!!!!!

during intro to bznz
from left: Elyna,Sha,Zaza,Jes

wth!!! sha is concentrating????hahas.
za,dun be fooled!!!she is soo not listening..we were passing notes
about the girl who was wearing wig!!!damn distracting.
jes,hehe,trust me,this girl is posing for the camera!!!

during Earth-hour in bznz class!!!
class suddenly went dark.
jes watch.
cannot snap pictures cz its kinda dark and vincent was
busy exploring his phone till dun want to let us borrow his phone.

May 24, 2009

can't concentrate

oukayss, heads up people!!!
i am SUPPOSE to read my +ve psychology book tonight,

somehow there's a lot of things that seem to distracting me..
i.e: the weekend's DAMN hot weather, teevee (as usual)
therefore the reading was postponed till night time..
when night time came,i merely covered a few pages (6 pages to be exact) of chapter 3..
then i moved to blogging..
what happen laa..
got a call my mr.boifie, telling me he will be going to philipines in June.
what the HECK???
why laa this time around wants to go overseas?
don't he knows what's happening to the world rite now???
H1N1 (swine flu)
weird case laa that guy..
tomorrow got class till 7pm..
sorry,a lot of sighing happening here,hahas.
really looking forward to next weekend lehh, gonna get new baby!!!!
*peacing out~~
hee,its my ohh-soo beloved duvet.
my 2nd most loyal companion.
the 1st one is my bantal
any problemo with that?
if yes,i don't care.
if no,i don't care either.

May 22, 2009

feeling shittyness

it has been 3 weeks of college life.
i made loads of new friends and i'm having buckets of FUN.
my life never seem to escaped from drama.
please GO AWAY..
i dun need people like you in my life..

p/s: i am DAMN as HELL MAD at someone [hahas,duhh,doesnt it obvious enough?]


oukayss,put all the sad and miserable feelings away for awhile..
updates of my current life:

loving positive psychology class!!!
NEW FRIENDS rock my life,thanks guys!!!
projects,assignments are on their way...
feeling cautious of virus H1N1 (swine flu)
eyeCandy-ing pretty much everyday with JesJes,hehe. (Sha too but mostly with JesJes)
accidently let feelings/emotions grew for someone.oOoppss!!!!!!!

long blabbing gone short: i currently enjoying my college life though some things happen (lyke i care)

tomorrow got class.SATURDAY.*sighhhhh*

wanna sleep cz currently not enuff sleep.insomnia???hahaha.

May 18, 2009

mixed emotion

after my reading session tonight,i have some urge to blog.though it just my crappiness but somehow i felt like i need to write something here.due to the change of my layout,it is pretty clear that maybe i am in a EMO mood.but not sad,just some unpleasant feeling in my tummy.sometimes i even fell homesick.and i don't even stay in hostel or living outside of KL.*sigh*
then suddenly i realized something,i actually missed my friends,especially,we went for dinner nearby my school and i saw the path that i usually take when i was coming back from school.and suddenly my mind doing its own flashbacks.funny.felt like i am not ready for college life yet.but however,life must go on and i must adapt.chaiyok-chaiyok!!!
lately i even kinda ignore my boyfriend.sorry k dear???
i need sometime to adjust and finally accept the reality.
i am still very much grateful for having such wonderful new friends which i appreciate very much.
back then,i am the kind of person who doesnt really tolerate with changes.especially those drastic changes.but the irony is,now i am the one who need to face/make those changes.really feel weary rite now.i kept wondering what my other friends are doing rite more factor that drove me to write today is because today i saw/bumped into one of my old friend at school.he really look different,sad,matured and somehow tired.despite all that,he still have that charming smile of his.and i couldn't help wondering what happen to the others.the i felt guilty.arghh.hate in positive psychology,we learn about positive and negative emotion can combine and become the ultimate feelings.then she talk about knowing ourselves from within.i mean,DEEP inside of us.*sigh* that's hard cz it always been a really BIG problem/disability for me to do so.OMG,do i need therapy??haha.oukayys,need to typed-off now.till then.....

May 16, 2009

pictures worth a thousand words

okays,1stly,it took me 2 freaking days to upload all the pics.hopefully you guys enjoy it.a picture worth a thousand the way,hehe,i already got a new laptop!!!!!it's Acer Aspire 2930.all thanks to my dearest dad.and all the people who helped me to get it.and as usual my sis play a big role here.hahaha.okays,enough time!!!

me, jesmyn and sasha

jes and sha
my two luvly makan partners.

while waiting for intro to bznz class
mr.stephen cornelius.

at malaysian studies
damn bored.

thursday, without sha..

haha,duhh,my picture must be here.
tutorial bznz.salah masuk kelas then got to run to the real class,then we sat at the back and got tooooo many distractions...haisss...

wuhooo,nice profile gerls..

fashion show by the school of fashion..
the models kinda plus size..

excuse me,try to snap pictures!!!
tutorial,when we sat at the back,this what happened.

mr.hoohoo class OA

this baby will get me a good price for movies.

this sem OA book is damn heavy.its 1.6 kg.

and lastly,me,smiling to say good bye...
till the next post...

May 9, 2009

tiring 1st week

warning to all earthlings before you further your reading of my full of craps page: pictures will come up later on.recently not in the mood of taking pictures.compassion is likely appreciated.

ampun maaf dipinta (macam lagu raya jep?) sebab sejak kebelakangan ini,belog aku dilanda kekosongan yang agak melampaui batasan.aku sibuk dengan Uni,1st week kan,mestilaa hectic sikit.dah laa no one i knew goes terpaksa laa memulakan misi mencari member-member sekepala.haha.alhamdulillah,everything seems to go fine and very smoothly.hahaha.cuma aku laa agak kelam-kelibut sikit.dah memang sejak azali.

my orientation started on 29 and 30 April.on the 1st day,just very normal stuff happened.the president and all the deans gave their inspiring and warmest welcome speech.surprisingly,aku TAKK MENGANTUK pun.haha.and i made some friends too.ohh yaa,my Uni majority very 1st friend is Fatin Nadhirah.funny story behind our first met.hehe.the story will come up later along with the pictures.then,there comes Miss Sasha Fierce.haha.noo laa.her name is Sashareen.a mix fruit blood.huhu.she is in the same course as me.doing English too.waa,soo cool!!!currently my partner in first its kinda weird not having wanita named Eika with me but then I realised that we're NOT in high school,HELLO,Liyana,kau hidup kat dunia mana ni? (all my prayres and good hopes are with Eika cz she will be gone to Matrix in Perak this your very best babe!!!) ohh yaa,i forgot to tell y'guys,my sis is currently studying in the same Uni as me but doing Marketing.
then on the 2nd day,i have more new friends.Ewan and Darsyini.the Ewan guy is doing Food Science.Darsyini is doing chemical engineering.Fatin is doing petroleum engineering.sasha is doing English and Communications same as me.but all of us are currently doing foundation.basically,i made friends and have some fun during orientation.

for my 1st semester (may-august) i've got 5 subjects:

positive psychology
islamic studies (wajib)
malaysian studies (wajib)
introduction to business
office applications

my 1st class start on 4th may 2009.i added more friends.
but last friday,i've found cliques that have most of the subjects together with me.Jesmyn,sasha,and sara.
futher stories will come along withe the pictures.
pictures means a thousand words.....

love isn't a mere sentiment.
it contains truth, and therefore it is law.
love conforms to our vision.
you'll always get what you want.
so have the desire for the highest love you can imagine.
the only perfect love is beyond the personal.
if you want to give someone your greatest love, first see beyond that person.
divine love exists.
it is expressed through human beings.
the love that comes from your soul endures death.
don't believe anything is more real than your soul.

~Deepak Chopra~

p/s: juz something i found in a soulful lovestory from Deepak Chopra. :))