May 24, 2009

can't concentrate

oukayss, heads up people!!!
i am SUPPOSE to read my +ve psychology book tonight,

somehow there's a lot of things that seem to distracting me..
i.e: the weekend's DAMN hot weather, teevee (as usual)
therefore the reading was postponed till night time..
when night time came,i merely covered a few pages (6 pages to be exact) of chapter 3..
then i moved to blogging..
what happen laa..
got a call my mr.boifie, telling me he will be going to philipines in June.
what the HECK???
why laa this time around wants to go overseas?
don't he knows what's happening to the world rite now???
H1N1 (swine flu)
weird case laa that guy..
tomorrow got class till 7pm..
sorry,a lot of sighing happening here,hahas.
really looking forward to next weekend lehh, gonna get new baby!!!!
*peacing out~~
hee,its my ohh-soo beloved duvet.
my 2nd most loyal companion.
the 1st one is my bantal
any problemo with that?
if yes,i don't care.
if no,i don't care either.

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