May 22, 2009

feeling shittyness

it has been 3 weeks of college life.
i made loads of new friends and i'm having buckets of FUN.
my life never seem to escaped from drama.
please GO AWAY..
i dun need people like you in my life..

p/s: i am DAMN as HELL MAD at someone [hahas,duhh,doesnt it obvious enough?]


oukayss,put all the sad and miserable feelings away for awhile..
updates of my current life:

loving positive psychology class!!!
NEW FRIENDS rock my life,thanks guys!!!
projects,assignments are on their way...
feeling cautious of virus H1N1 (swine flu)
eyeCandy-ing pretty much everyday with JesJes,hehe. (Sha too but mostly with JesJes)
accidently let feelings/emotions grew for someone.oOoppss!!!!!!!

long blabbing gone short: i currently enjoying my college life though some things happen (lyke i care)

tomorrow got class.SATURDAY.*sighhhhh*

wanna sleep cz currently not enuff sleep.insomnia???hahaha.

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