August 31, 2009



officially our beloved nation turned 52 today.

how time passed. i still remember my late grandad used to tell me stories about the war with British, Japanese and suchs.

*cutting the crap*

as i flipped through the newspaper this morning,

*i flipped newspaper only on special ocassion*

i saw there's alot advertisement about 1Malaysia, Merdeka and such and such.

*duhh Liyana,its 31st August.FGS!*

however, there's one particular advertisement that really caught my attention and actually made me thinking less like a LGM.

following i quote the advertisement, credits to Maybank for the awesome ad.

*Berita Harian 31 ogos 2009 isnin mukasurat 7*

wahai nasi, beritahu kami rahsia kamu' bagaimana agaknya kamu boleh memikat semua orang?

satu ketika kamu mesra dengan daging kambing varuval. di ketika lain, kamu bergaul pula dengan potongan daging ayam Ipoh yang empuk.

dan pada setiap pagi, kamu tidak pernah ketinggalan untuk bersama-sama ikan bilis, sambal dan telur buat sarapan.

di pesta kami yang meriah, kamu sentiasa di sana meraikannya bersama-sama.

di Hari Raya, kamu menyertai kawan-kawan kamu dan membawa kami ketupat dan lemang.

Deepavali tidak kan sama tanpa kamu yang memberikan warna palingmenarik untuk dijadikan kolamn.

dan di ambang Tahun Baru Cina, kamu membawa keluarga dari jauh untuk pulang.

di Hari Gawai dan Kaamatan, kamulah punca semua orang menyambutnya!

Mungkin rahsia kamu adalah kerana kamu tidak memilih - tak kisah lah jika kami menggunakan penyepit, sudu, garfu, atau tangan. kamu gembira berkongsi makanan dengan kami.

hari ini, di saat kami berkumpul bersama keluarga bagi menikmati hidangan, kami akan memikirkan rahmat yang dikurniakan sepanjang 52 tahun ini.

dan kamu akan terus berada di sana, mengingatkan kami sekali lagi, tentang rahsia sebenar negara kita.

bahawa kita semua berkongsi 1 periuk nasi - yang dipenuhi, satu demi satu, dengan pengorbanan, kerja keras dan perpaduan mereka yang hadir sebelum kita. (this is my favourite part)

dan kita semua berkongsi 1 tanggungjawab - untuk terus mengisi periuk nasi ini, bersama-sama, untuk mereka yang akan hadir selepas kita.

isnt that deep?

well,for me it is. there's soo many hidden meaning behind all the words.

as i am a food-person, this advertisement really got me.

true rite? i mean, food do unite us here in Malaysia.

*which Malaysian doesnt love Mamak?i remember back when i was form3, just came back from a Homestay programme in Japan, the first thing i want as soon as i touched down in KL is Roti Canai.haha.only a few weeks are enough to make me RINDU the flavourful food in Malaysia.*

tunes that currently playing:
The Reason, Simple Plan

August 30, 2009

its still a long way to go

if you guys noticed the previous post,

well,i am truly sorry of the madness/craziness that occurs!

not really sure what got to me that time.


duhh,its like 2am in the morning for god sake!

mind me!

today,still no psp YET!!! ughhh!!!

aku boleh gilak kalu lama-lama gini.

next week perhaps?

the price making me sooo OUCH!


dad got his Blackberry. Storm. wth!

sis? not yet. maybe next month. she said she's getting the Curve (urr,what model again?)

nanti ade chan laa aku nak bragg. ngaa!!

"haa,that one laa my sis,the one who use Blackberry one!"

oukays,that's just plain ridiculous and idiot Liyana!

my dad got his new gadget, sis will get one soon.

haihhs,i dun want to be left behind!

*continuing writing after watching KAMI the Movie (yaya,call me lame all you want.)

the movie....

two thumbs up!

thanks to youtube!

aku dah terlepas the movie kat cinema dulu. then terlepas lagi kat teevee.

oleh itu,aku dengan semangat nye pergi usha this movie at youtube.

nuff said,tears rolling down.

its good to let go.

feel a lil bit chill now.

haihhs, why is it this time it have to be soo hard?


sorry, mind me, pardon me, ignore me.

this time, smiling, laughing doesnt seem to help much.



cut the emo-ness Liyana!

(disenchanted : MCR)

cant continue with the typing. soo, enjoy sum snapshots!

location: Sunway Hotel and Resort (Atrium CoffeeHouz)
berbuka puasa

*note to self: hal kecik pun nak emo ke? bodoh laa kau nie! relax laa!*


it is 2:22am!!!!

and i realised one oohsoocalled fact!

i miss him like sooooooooooooooooo much!!!


this is not good for health!


mayday mayday



i know how i feel/felt about you.


i dont effin know on your side.

im feeling ouchouchouch till i cant sleep

uhh, 2008 incident seems to repeating itself!


attention to mr.him:

i miss you

saya rindu kamu

i am sorry

yes,i know words dont really cut it,

but this is who i am, i cant really change it.


p/s: now i reallyreallyreally need PSP, or else i'll go mad thinking of this stupid idiot stuff!!!!

(bottom of the ocean: Miley Cyrus / naive : The Kooks)

August 29, 2009

sleep in

wake up damn late today. around 1400hrs!! if it isnt for my mum storming into my room, maybe i will continue sleeping until i dunno what have been awhile i didnt enjoy a looooong sleep in session likewise.

what a refreshing feeling.ngaaa!

i didnt even remember whether i wake up for sahur or not.sleep kinda late the night before.why?

well,simply because i cant really sleep.IM-ing with madd,talk to my neneks,talk to Baqir,called Eika and finally called Shadiq after sooooooo effin long didnt talk to him.

thanks soooo much everybody because layan-ing me.

is it sooooo damn obvious i am lonely?ngahaha.
phones are awfully quiet today and i think it will be such way in days to come.too bad.

as i learn in positive psychology, we always need to see things in a different perspectives when things doesnt really go well or doesnt go the way we wanted. this is what we need to do for our first assignment in positive psychology.interesting?yes,definitely.

phone quiet equals to less usage which will save money.

save money equals to more money equals to PlaystationPortable and clothes! and shoes! and bags! a very goood equation! haha. me likey!


final's result are coming out one by one.

such a irritating feeling to wait for it.

ooh how i hate WAITING!!!!

so far, i have gotten my :

islamic studies : 82 (A)
positive psychology : 76 (B+)
office application : 72 (B)

its kinda okay i guess.

now waiting for Malaysian Studies and Introduction to Business.

pray hard and fingers crossed eveybody!!!

on Friday,i met with a very interesting lady.

currently looving this thingy:

name: REVLON Nailcolor (181 Sandstorm)
thanks to my sis!

*going to Sunway tomorrow,dad and sis wanna change to Blackberry! wth..hopefully will get my PSP tomorrow!!!*

August 27, 2009

bermula semula

hello people!!!
im here again to update this oohsoobored blog.
referring to the title: 'bermula semula', notice the changes i made to this page?
not much,i know.kinda out of creative ideas lately.
after i squeeze all the creative juice from my brain,i promise to come and do some make-ip to this blog.
but for now,i think this should be enough.
the background suits my mood anyway.
*oukays,enough crapping*
actually the title abit cliche.
new semester starting, new subjects, new friends (hopefully!), new drama
n blaa blaa blaa (i can just go on and on and on.)
but,that's not exactly the main point here.

"i want to put a stop at something i started in the last semester, i want to leave it behind. i want to forget about it. i NEED just to move on. forward forward, no more rewind. if not i will get hurt again and it is really painful. i dont want that. im sorry things didnt work out, to the both of them. what Baqir told me might be true, Liyana + relationship = not really a pretty picture. too bad. so now, better stay out of it or i will end up hurting people or might even hurt myself. but i cant help thinking. why oo why when i really have something real for them, later on things will not turn out good. KARMA? or is it just fate has choosen this path for me? been doing alot of thinking lately, i may end up alone. gahh. its messy and yet very much complicated."

note to self: jalan terus jangan pandang ke belakang lagi. jangan buang masa pada perkara yang tidak penting. tidak perlu mengulang perkara yang sama. tuff up yourself and smile to the world!

alamak, my sentence got structure error laa!
suppose to be : Smile to the World!!!

August 22, 2009

1st Ramadhan

officially today is the first day of Ramadhan. means, it it compulsory for all Muslims to fast. Fasting, literally defined, fasting means to abstain "completely" from foods, drinks, intimate intercourse and smoking, before the break of the dawn till sunset, during the entire month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic year. there are without a doubt numerous benefits of this fasting.

(1) It teaches man the principle of sincere Love: because when he observes Fasting he does it out of deep love for God. And the man who loves God truly is a man who really knows what love is.

(2) It equips man with a creative sense of hope and an optimistic outlook on life; because when he fasts he is hoping to please God and is seeking His Grace.

(3) It imbues in man the genuine virtue of effective devotion, honest dedication and closeness to God; because when he fasts he does so for God and for His sake alone.

(4) It cultivates in man a vigilant and sound conscience; because the fasting person keeps his fast in secret as well as in public. In fasting, especially, there is no mundane authority to check man's behavior or compel him to observe fasting. He keeps it to please God and satisfy his own conscience by being faithful in secret and in public. There is no better way to cultivate a sound conscience in man.

(5) It indoctrinates man in patience and selflessness, as through fasting, he feels the pains of deprivation but he endures them patiently.

(6) It is an effective lesson in applied moderation and willpower.

(7) Fasting also provides man with a transparent soul, a clear mind and a light body.

(8) It shows man a new way of wise savings and sound budgeting.

(9) It enables man to master the art of Mature Adaptability. We can easily understand the point once we realize that fasting makes man change the entire course of his daily life.

(10) It grounds man in discipline and healthy survival.

(11) It originates in man the real spirit of social belonging, unity and brotherhood, of equality before God as well as before the law.

(12) It is a Godly prescription for self-reassurance and self-control.

these facts were extracted by me from here ---> FASTING in ISLAM

i agree and believe of all the benefits stated here but somehow i still would like to make it more into my way of understanding. well, for me, despite because of the religion,i think it is more how God wants to teach us the value of empathy. through fasting, we learn and understand the situation of the people who only managed to have only 1 meal per day or not having meal at all. moreover, we will learn more about appreciation of life and humanity. that is what i felt the need of fasting in a Muslim's life.

okays, enough serious stuff here!

notice the picture up there? at the beginning of the post?
well that's the view from my bedroom window. the window besides my bed.
i snapped that this 'morning' around 12-ish.
when i woke up this 'morning', "aah, first day of puasa."
last night slept kinda late, watch some teevee, solat tarrawih, texting with people, and whateversheets.
wake up around 5a.m for sahur. kinda excited for the puasa. uuu,dats new liyana!
obviously i was still damn sleepy at that time so immediately after eating sahur i went straight to my room. rollroll on my bed and stared at the ceiling for quite some time then i checked my phones.
SonyErricsonW890i: new message from Sasha.
Motorola V3xxi: two new message from Haziq : one new message from Azlan
so, i replied to Sasha and Haziq.
texted for awhile and went back to sleep.
very funny dream..kinda woke up a few times before 12pm but because i dont see any sunlight soo i get back to sleep again. ngaaaaaa. what a wonderful feeling to sleep!!!!
then my Sony phone rings.whattheeffinhell???!!!!
siapa laa yang berani kacau my sleep???
saw Ewan's name on the screen..
uhhh...picked it up and answer in a very sleepy way..
after talking to Ewan, i cant go back to sleep.
thanks sooooo much Ewan!!!! whatthehell.
then,wake up half-heartedly and look out the window..


thus, i grabbed my phone and snapped the view.
shower and bla bla bla.
ooh ya, did LOADS of thinking about my situation rite now and i came to one conclusion.
thank god.
help mama with the berbuka cooking and went to the bakery for some kaya kok and my Macau egg tart.
again,i am disappointed. No egg tart..uhhhhh...



like i told you guys before,i changed my KAD PENGENALAN.
well, on friday i went to Putrajaya again to collect the new card.
they doesnt let us to keep the old card,so,i need to say goodbye to my old card.
"thanks deary card,you have been contributing alot in my life though sometimes (who am i kidding? all the times!) i've been ashamed of you."
as something to remember it, i snapped a picture of it.

do i look sad or depressed or whateversheets in this pic?

sooo effin bored in the car while waiting for my dad
finish his friday's prayers.

smelly feet??
nope,just some random snapshots!

wear your mask!!!
hate you H1N1!!!
despite my unstable emotion, H1N1 has been my most favourite excuse to declined some
soooo sorry guys,im just not really up to it..
bad timing

my dad!!!

August 19, 2009

dearest sem break!

hello sem break!!!welcome-welcome!!!
though the break is here but i still dun really have any thing plan yet.
maybe going to take my driving classes
going to change my KAD PENGENALAN!!!!
the picture is sooo kiddy.
i mean,"what in the world?do i really look like this back then?ooh my!"
now in college,not many of my friends have seen my KAD PENGENALAN.
well,of course my schoolmates seen it before and i am 199% sure they were laughing their heads off when saw the kiddy picture.well,hopefully after this i wont face any problems when involving my KAD PENGENALAN.
my last paper was positive psychology on 18th August 2009.
among my neneks,me and jes finish our exams last.
while me and jes crammed our brain for PP,sasha and zazaa happily doing anything but study.
when to college by shuttle in the morning as the exams starts at 10am.
jes told me that she gonna wait for me at the shuttle point.
earlier that morning felt very energetic and more myself.
arrived at college and frantically look for Jesmyn Tan Ern-Lei!
whoops?where is she? MIA?
call and call and call,still cant reach.
then out of nowhere she appeared.
wth?ooh,she went to play some piano.
went to take some 'light' breakfast and lepak-ing at one of the piano room.
chitt-chatt and play some piano...
enjoy the pictures!!!

*trutt trutt trutt*
hunz calling

our favourite song: Kau Ilhamku

uuu,my outfit kinda matching today!
why?haihhs,stuff happens..
i can do it once and i can do it again.
though it will be sooo effin hurting and painful,
i still need to do it..
well,i survived the past incident,i dun see why will i not survived this time.
its the same thing.
what have i done in my past life that i am punished like this now?
thanks shaa for today,i really appreciate it.

zaa's hair soooo cute!!!!

August 18, 2009

pointless drama

after sooooo effin long abondone my blog,now i am back blogging again. MIA from blog world due to exams,emotional distress,and plenty more stuff.gosh,LOADS of stuff happens!!!!!anyways,last saturday my family did a kenduri to welcome the from singapore came for the kenduri as well.yayy!!!cousins united again!!! (missed them though juz went there the previous week,ngahaha.) didnt really enjoy the kenduri anyways, rushing to read +ve psychology book for exam. again talk to fazul about the stuff. sheets!!! i think im in trouble.

me and fazul!!!
he got a new girlfriend again..

after finish OA paper seriously got nothing to do and i was feeling kinda down after the jes was busy with someone so better dun,i headed back to maa's office.walking alone from the train station seem soo peaceful.remind me of last time during high school.give me time to think more like a normal human being.i need to think..about many things..just think liyana. walked on an overpass and stopped there.good,no people.god gave me some space in the world to have a chance to think and maybe perhaps think about the solution to my hectic 'love'life.yeah,i kinda think about some stuff.and tried to get clear view of the whole thing but still cant see the permanent solution.ended up snapping away with pictures.

felt like falling down and die.

wind was blowing soo hard.

metro view

spent almost half an hour here

finished my 1st final exam.fuhh.finally it ends..hope to get good results! flying colours!!!

August 5, 2009

give me some space!

I'm getting tired of you pushing me 'round
Dragging me down
Making a sound because you wanna
I guess that's why I like messing with you
Putting you through
A lesson or two, because I'm gonna
Before I go my own way
I just gotta say
Leave me alone
Get out of my face
I'm tired of love
Feeling so misplaced
Time for you to go
'Cause I know I'm better off on my own
Leave me alone
This isn't gonna work
Don't call me on the phone
Because I'm all out of words
I'll face the unknown
Thinking about all the ways that I've grown
Leave me alone
There was the time I thought you were the one
Having some fun
Getting it done
What an illusion
'Cause you were trying to take control of me
That couldn't be, I need to be free of this confusion
Don't give me a guilt trip, because I'm so over it
Leave me alone
Get out of my face
I'm tired of love
Feeling so misplaced
Time for you to go
'Cause I know I'm better off on my own
Leave me alone
This isn't gonna work
Don't call me on the phone
Because I'm all out of words
I'll face the unknown
Thinking about all the ways that I've grown
leave me alone
Don't turn around and don't look back (just do it Liyana)
I see right through all your selfless acts
Leave me alone
Get out of my face
I'm tired of love
Feeling so misplaced
Time for you to go
'Cause I know I'm better off on my own
Leave me alone
This isn't gonna work
Don't call me on the phone
Because I'm all out of words
I'll face the unknown
Thinking about all the ways that I've grown
leave me alone
If you win your love
I'll feel better on my own
Leave me alone!

~the veronicas~
dedicated to the two morons in my life!

August 2, 2009

5kg heavier

my sunday was spent with my dearest family.wake up kinda early today.but still miss my breakfast.too bad.after my bro's tutorial session,we went out to lunch.haha.we went to kg pandan for some nasi padang!!!!ahhh,heavenly awesome good food!!!!miss mak tuo's cooking.hurmm.then went to buy a new plasma since the old teevee been 'damage' by me and my bro.hehe.then we head to Hospital Selayang to visit my nenek sedara whom gonna do some operation to her gall bladder thingy.and there where i met my most huggable cuzzy.miss them alot since the last time we met.

what a bored face
yeah,i am a very boring person who only writes about boring stuff.
heh,too bad..ooh ya,this outfit was created by the very malas me.
as if i dressed in the dark..haha..

location: Hospital Selayang 9th floor!
my monstrous lil bro was born here.

i did not spent much time 'visiting' the sick people that much.hehe.went hang out in the cafe with my two cousins and started to pour everything (well,not really EVERTHING) to them.well,abang didnt helped that much cz he's having his own hormonal disorder as usual kak ngah lead the way.huhu.the conclusion of the 35minutes conversation is i need to break-off.haha.this fact is also agreed by numerous number of my closest people. (i.e. Eika,Jes and a few more unmentionable names!heh.)
cut the crapp!
back from the hospital,dad driving around KL to figure what to eat for dinner.i think at first dad wanted to eat somewhere else but then somehow we did not.hmm.too much in my world until i din notice whats happening around me.ngahngahngah.anyways,finally,we went dinner at TupaiTupai.and i gained freakingeffin 5 kgs from eating there!!!haha.exxagerate much?muehehe.

yes everybody,its the end of my pointless blog-post.huu.i am sooo gonna do this more often.soo not in the mood to write 'important' stuff.haha.till then people!

~dunia ini kejam,jadi hati-hati~