August 19, 2009

dearest sem break!

hello sem break!!!welcome-welcome!!!
though the break is here but i still dun really have any thing plan yet.
maybe going to take my driving classes
going to change my KAD PENGENALAN!!!!
the picture is sooo kiddy.
i mean,"what in the world?do i really look like this back then?ooh my!"
now in college,not many of my friends have seen my KAD PENGENALAN.
well,of course my schoolmates seen it before and i am 199% sure they were laughing their heads off when saw the kiddy picture.well,hopefully after this i wont face any problems when involving my KAD PENGENALAN.
my last paper was positive psychology on 18th August 2009.
among my neneks,me and jes finish our exams last.
while me and jes crammed our brain for PP,sasha and zazaa happily doing anything but study.
when to college by shuttle in the morning as the exams starts at 10am.
jes told me that she gonna wait for me at the shuttle point.
earlier that morning felt very energetic and more myself.
arrived at college and frantically look for Jesmyn Tan Ern-Lei!
whoops?where is she? MIA?
call and call and call,still cant reach.
then out of nowhere she appeared.
wth?ooh,she went to play some piano.
went to take some 'light' breakfast and lepak-ing at one of the piano room.
chitt-chatt and play some piano...
enjoy the pictures!!!

*trutt trutt trutt*
hunz calling

our favourite song: Kau Ilhamku

uuu,my outfit kinda matching today!
why?haihhs,stuff happens..
i can do it once and i can do it again.
though it will be sooo effin hurting and painful,
i still need to do it..
well,i survived the past incident,i dun see why will i not survived this time.
its the same thing.
what have i done in my past life that i am punished like this now?
thanks shaa for today,i really appreciate it.

zaa's hair soooo cute!!!!

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