August 18, 2009

pointless drama

after sooooo effin long abondone my blog,now i am back blogging again. MIA from blog world due to exams,emotional distress,and plenty more stuff.gosh,LOADS of stuff happens!!!!!anyways,last saturday my family did a kenduri to welcome the from singapore came for the kenduri as well.yayy!!!cousins united again!!! (missed them though juz went there the previous week,ngahaha.) didnt really enjoy the kenduri anyways, rushing to read +ve psychology book for exam. again talk to fazul about the stuff. sheets!!! i think im in trouble.

me and fazul!!!
he got a new girlfriend again..

after finish OA paper seriously got nothing to do and i was feeling kinda down after the jes was busy with someone so better dun,i headed back to maa's office.walking alone from the train station seem soo peaceful.remind me of last time during high school.give me time to think more like a normal human being.i need to think..about many things..just think liyana. walked on an overpass and stopped there.good,no people.god gave me some space in the world to have a chance to think and maybe perhaps think about the solution to my hectic 'love'life.yeah,i kinda think about some stuff.and tried to get clear view of the whole thing but still cant see the permanent solution.ended up snapping away with pictures.

felt like falling down and die.

wind was blowing soo hard.

metro view

spent almost half an hour here

finished my 1st final exam.fuhh.finally it ends..hope to get good results! flying colours!!!

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