July 28, 2009


recently, i made peace with my EX-bf. finally, i can actually talk to him without feeling of killing somebody. surprisingly!! we finally grew up and start to act like civilize people. and i actually have fun talking to him. online though, still dont have the guts to give him my digits.haha.sorry.last night, IM-ing with him till 2am-ish. sharing pictures and talk-talk. he actually kept a few snapshots of mine. we share alot of pictures when we were together. haha. not with my effin face laa of course. i bet he delete it all already after what i've done to him.hehe.oukayss,cut the crapp liyana!!! talking to him made me remember how i looove to do snapshots!!!!!enjoy~~~

all started with this picture.
i actually keep all his stuff.haha.
then come along others.

~thanks for the memories Ahmad Fadali~
last time, he is the last person i want to share
my story but now, somehow things change.
we are going to be good friends.

July 26, 2009


i noticed that throughout the years,i always have problem with things that i desired the most.
someone once told me that,"sometimes,the things you desired the most is the things that you wont be able to get at all"
stuff happens a lot lately,and making me think about this saying over and over again.
and definitely do gazzilion trip down the memory lane lately.
what Baqir (my diff sex twin!!) said to me is right..
what i can conclude from his saying is we need to take our past as a learning experience and try as hard as possible not to repeat it again or else you will get hurt again.
need to pay more attention to other people's feelings,
not just thinking about me as i always and usually do.
to do that,i need support and guidance from friends.
p/s: Baqir,aku hargai segala bantuan dan nasihat kau.dan aku sayang kau sampai bila-bila.(oukayss,dont ever get me wrong on this,he is my bestest guyfren!)
for now...
just lay back and do not think about it soo much..
i have other more important things to worry about.
one thing that i think is the most essential thing ever in my life..
my studies...
final exam is coming,
i need to study and forget about this whole shenanigans for awhile..
or maybe just forget about it and pretend it nothing happen?
that's sounds better and easier huh??
but, i cant do that anymore..
i am 18 now,i cant be running away from my problem forever can i?
so,as my neneks told me, i cant be RUNNING AWAY....
gotta face it...
however,put it on hold first...
final is coming:
  • 6 august 2009: Malaysian Studies
  • 7 august 2009: Islamic Studies
  • 12 august 2009: Introduction to Business
  • 17 august 2009: Office Application

July 10, 2009


"You hide your emotion sometimes .You are a moon type of person. You tend to be the quiet type or in contrast, you are not happy but sometimes you act it out in order for you to not burden your friends with your problems. You've faced some problems in your life. Your heart has been dealt blows before . You tend to think about things a lot more than other people, and you may get annoyed with people who act out without thinking about consequences. You are also the type of person that others often come to with their problems because you've been through plenty, and you are very understanding. Though you sometimes feel lonely, your demeanor is usually chill, and relaxed. You usually are logical, and rely a lot on facts and information on decisions. You often keep things to yourself. This is just one side of you, and you have different faces in different situations and environments, just like the moon has phases."


when im bored, i go waste my time doing the quizzes on facebook.
so far this is my most ever favourite quiz.
the title, "what is your inner self?"
just very funny!!!!!

July 8, 2009


soo long didnt update this blog of mine.
busy with lotsa stuff currently.
assignments,midterm exams,friends and such.
i notice something about myself.
my blog is where i pour everything that i kept in me.
so,that is why i am going to set my blog to private again.
soo people,leave your emails add at my SCREAMBOX so
that i can invite you.
just like during high school.
ahh,how i miss those days.
oukays,reality check!!snapped out of it liyana.

make alot of new frens.
currently in a MIXED mode.
i thought i am already stable but then,
i am soo wrong.
ace,why you caught my attention soo much?
haha.this is obviously my fault..
cool liyana,you can do this.
just follow the flow..