January 15, 2010


please, just take me away from all these madness. i need an escapade. ooh dear GOD. why are you testing me this way? well, i know it is not my right to question all your doings. what more as i am not as good Muslim as others out there. despite that fact, i do still have a strong foundation of faith with me. with that, i believe You're testing me and my family with all these for a reason. yeah, everything happen for reasons. uhh, maybe this is just the bits and pieces of the inti in my popiah.

talking about popiah, today is friday!!!! ade pasar malam near my house yang jual damn sedap popiah. uuu, aku lapar belum breakfast.

rutin harian kini same saja. facebook-ing, pergi kelas, hang-out with dear beloved and friends, duduk rumah terkena tempias negative aura from certain people, texting, skype-ing dengan Syiqah, gaming and sleep less. i soo need my sleep. can i be a potato couch this weekend and just lazy-ing myself at home? i need my rest. looking at my own reflection in the mirror scares the hell out of me. why? ahaa. dreadful eyebags, awful skin condition, pretty much i look dead. can i make an appointment for a face reconstruction?

i need to stop here. i'm like blabbering shits.

January 11, 2010


me: ooh hello monday? have u been here long?
monday: durhh! i've been around since you're not even born yet!
me: sheesh! no need lahh to be soo grumpy.
monday: wth? i am monday, it is part of my job to be grumpy.
me: izit? what if i say my monday has been such a bliss? *dancing off happily.
monday: what? that action and words is such a disrespectful thing to do.
me: hehe. nope. is not a sin to be happy on monday you know.

today is monday. duhh. laughs. i suppose not to have any class today but me and Jes have an appointment with our human comm lecturer for our presentation this coming thursday. before that i went breakfast with Ezuan. see, how can my monday be not a bliss when i see my Ezuan bright early in the morning. but it is somehow a lil bit awful early in the morning. my dad's kornea swollen and need to be rush to the hospital that night. but my mum insisted for me n my brother to go college n school. so off i go.

while on my way to college, got a text from Jes, uh-oh! mayday mayday! houston, we have a problem! early in the morning got a text like that. wth? all the sudden? JESMYN TAN ERN-LEI! my lil heart screamed! nevermind. saye memujuk hati sendiri. maybe it's actually not THAT bad.

we went to have lunch at mcd after the discussion with mr. hellis. and officially, mcd witness everything. i cant believe my eyes and ears myself. i had a looooooooooooooooong chat with jes.

p/s: Jes, i'll be by your side for whatever happens kay? you'll always have my shoulder to cry on. no reservations needed.

even Ezuan joined us for desert after Jes all cooled down. ice-cream anyone? hee!

i kinda clean up my room a lil bit and found this cd. i remembered this cd contain of songs that i burn during i was form 5 but i forgotten what songs is in the cd. so i put in my lappy and started to play it. 1st track was Bubbly by Colbie Caillat. hmm? normal i guess. but when it turn to track 2,3,4,5 and so on i was like wth with a smile on my face! memories! soo many of them! high school! miss them hell alot! plus the fact that a good friend of mine Atikah go upload all the old photos on facebook doesnt help much. it make me more and more miss them. not only my classmates, but all the people who make my high school life soo colourful!

enough typing for now i guess. oodles of love people!

January 10, 2010

last 'teen'?

weekend flew by very fast! havent really got the chance to refresh myself. but time will not wait for no man, in this case, woman. laughs. woman ke? LMAO! today, me, my mum and my adik went to hunt my books to use in college as i cant find them in our college bookstore. we used the public transport. not a weird thing for me laa. kate pun student, takde lesen pulak tuu, kne laa gune public transport selalu kan? ayat berlagak je. dushh! But it is weird for my mum though as she go everywhere with a car. okays, that's besides the point. when we're in the car (my dad sent us to the train station.) :

me: maa, i'm going to be 19 this year! omg!
mum: haa, this gonna be your last year with the number 1 age.
me: that's why. scary!
mum: so, be ready. makin banyak cabaran mendatang.
me: *thinking*

makin banyak cabaran mendatang. fuhh, listening to those words are enough to make me shivers! is it true? duhh liyana, what a stupid question! but have no fear, i am here! tadadadummhummbamm! sambil mencekak pinggan gaya gaya superwomen, I CAN DO IT, BRING IT ON!

this week gonna be a lil bit hectic (i think.), gonna have my first presentation and submit my paperwork. whoah! take a deeeep breath! like i said before, bring it on! and yet, i havent start my revision for my econs supp paper. very the clever laa you liyana! nevermind, as soon as i meet ms.mah, i'll start! and will promise to crack my head! wee~

i'm currently thinking of what to give my sygs for his birthday. hurm? can i give him my oohsoocalled-loyalty? haha. at least something rite? well people, i'm typing off now, let's us all dreaded of tomorrow as for its MONDAY! may God bless you and have nice sweet dream!

bye bye!

January 5, 2010

the voices in my head

yes people, i have change my blog name. kinda catchy dont you think?
somehow it does resembles me. food and the surprise fillings of the popiah does describe me and my life. konon nye life full with surprises lahh. crapp!

lets recap about last week for a moment shall we? (we shall.)

finally started class which i can relate to my degree course which is human communication. not to say i cant relate to any of the subjects before, it just that i cant see why a language student like me need to take introduction tp probability and statistics. i mean, there is REASON why we enrolled ourselves to be an art student. but that's besides the point. human comm was interesting. along with the very entertaining lecturer, i think i could have fun with it. plus i got all my neneks in that class. the only thing i dreaded about this class is the fact that it is in the evening. 1400-1530! not that i'm complaining, but this is Malaysia, around that time of the day, its HOT and it will make me sleepy. huhu. nevermind, i'll try to live through it. and ooh yaa, everytime me n jes were laughing in that class, the lecturer asked us to share the jokes. i dont mind sharing, but the thing is, sometimes me n jes jokes are not related-able to other people. maybe we found it very damn funny but then other people might think it is just stupid or ridiculous. isnt that embarassing? the horror!

things i really need to do ASAP! :
  • study for my econs supp paper
  • get my human comm 1st assignment done! (not really that hard pun, it's just a copy and paste work but my hand and ass doesnt seem to wanna move to it!)
  • read human comm book on 'Perception' and get ready for discussion with Mr.Hellis on Monday.
  • not too much thinking about situation at home as it is messing around with my head and heart. i dont want the same thing to happen again.
another new class i attended this week is Film and Arts Appreciation. very very interesting. despite the lecturer is oohsoocute (i cant deny that) the subject is really cool. i mean, interpreting things that we cant see with our mata kasar has been my all time favourite. hopefully we get it through.

i think thats all for now. i'm watching ANTM on youtube. i hate buffering!

p/s: i luv u syg. i dun want u to go but u have to go. i'll just have to bear with it somehow.

January 4, 2010

fun in the sun?

Lynn: [while walking to Sasha's car OUTSIDE the college compound.] fuhh, panas giler Malaysia nie kan?

Eliza: ok what, this sort of weather is a blessing. do you know how many people in the Europe commit suicide and having depression?

Lynn: huh? because of the weather?

Eliza: yes [in a very the-matter-of-a-fact tone.]

today is the first day of back to college. damn effin HOT weather. my skin was literally scream and shout for help when the sunshine strikes. uhh, pain! anyway, college was packed with loads and loads of people. why? beats me, i was confuse myself. i do not have any class today but need to go college to settle my supplementary exam thingy. ooh ya, i have to re-sit my Econs paper. sigh. stupid me.

the 'supposely' plan is for me to go with sha as she gonna pick me up at the office. but unfortunately she didnt tell me the whole details. so i went college by myself by cab. while i'm in the cab, *phone vibrates trutt trutt: one new message received from sasha: lynn, i come pick u up k? i'll leave ASAP.*

i was like hmm. and reply the text. *nvm sha,im in the cab dy. c u at college.* sashareen! dushh! arrived at college and meet up with ewan. great big hug, huwaa, miss laa bro! and saw the line of people at the record and finance office. OUCH!

catch up a lil bit with ewan and he gave some stuff he bought at jakarta. aww! touched! wait for sasha and eliza to sampai then settled our supp thingy. then go makan and meet up jesmyn and jojo. then zaza redhair joins in as she got class soon after that. sorry syg, we all have no class on monday. hehe. as usual, we makan then then catch up with each other then laugh and laugh again. miss this moment.

somehow i felt that i really need this. situation at home really suffocating me and kills all my positive aura. uhh. disgusting. i need my mojo back people! hai-yahhh!

third semester dah nak start. more and more classes.

Human Communication:
tue; 1400 - 1530
thu; 1400 - 1530

Film and Arts Appreciation:
fri; 1400 - 1830 [friggin 4hours class! sure tido!]

Computing Essentials:
tue; 0930 - 1230
wed; 0800 - 0930

dis sem i'm gonna have the same class with all my neneks. except for CE without zaza redhair. bummer. and, no more class with ewan. huwaa!

sudah laa, aku mengantuk! bye bye!

January 3, 2010

its 2010!

*berhenti seketika sebelum mula menulis. tarik nafas. fuhh!*

setelah sekian lama menyepi diri dari alam blog ini, kini jejari aku kembali berdetap-detap di papan kekunci ini. sedar takk sedar, its already 2010 and i'm already in my third semester in UCSI. hopefully this will be my final semester of my foundation in arts. *fingers crossed.*

yes, i've been MIA from blogging but i am pretty much active facebook-ing. *laugh* pictures and status updates are all there. kinda fun actually, made me feel connected ALL the time. wth.

actually this post is pretty much just to tell you people that i am still alive and kickin' and will be back to blog and blabs in near time. as well as to wish you all a very happy new year. may we all have a blessed year. aminn~

gonna begin the reconstruction of my blog now.

tapping off now. bye bye!