January 5, 2010

the voices in my head

yes people, i have change my blog name. kinda catchy dont you think?
somehow it does resembles me. food and the surprise fillings of the popiah does describe me and my life. konon nye life full with surprises lahh. crapp!

lets recap about last week for a moment shall we? (we shall.)

finally started class which i can relate to my degree course which is human communication. not to say i cant relate to any of the subjects before, it just that i cant see why a language student like me need to take introduction tp probability and statistics. i mean, there is REASON why we enrolled ourselves to be an art student. but that's besides the point. human comm was interesting. along with the very entertaining lecturer, i think i could have fun with it. plus i got all my neneks in that class. the only thing i dreaded about this class is the fact that it is in the evening. 1400-1530! not that i'm complaining, but this is Malaysia, around that time of the day, its HOT and it will make me sleepy. huhu. nevermind, i'll try to live through it. and ooh yaa, everytime me n jes were laughing in that class, the lecturer asked us to share the jokes. i dont mind sharing, but the thing is, sometimes me n jes jokes are not related-able to other people. maybe we found it very damn funny but then other people might think it is just stupid or ridiculous. isnt that embarassing? the horror!

things i really need to do ASAP! :
  • study for my econs supp paper
  • get my human comm 1st assignment done! (not really that hard pun, it's just a copy and paste work but my hand and ass doesnt seem to wanna move to it!)
  • read human comm book on 'Perception' and get ready for discussion with Mr.Hellis on Monday.
  • not too much thinking about situation at home as it is messing around with my head and heart. i dont want the same thing to happen again.
another new class i attended this week is Film and Arts Appreciation. very very interesting. despite the lecturer is oohsoocute (i cant deny that) the subject is really cool. i mean, interpreting things that we cant see with our mata kasar has been my all time favourite. hopefully we get it through.

i think thats all for now. i'm watching ANTM on youtube. i hate buffering!

p/s: i luv u syg. i dun want u to go but u have to go. i'll just have to bear with it somehow.

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