January 4, 2010

fun in the sun?

Lynn: [while walking to Sasha's car OUTSIDE the college compound.] fuhh, panas giler Malaysia nie kan?

Eliza: ok what, this sort of weather is a blessing. do you know how many people in the Europe commit suicide and having depression?

Lynn: huh? because of the weather?

Eliza: yes [in a very the-matter-of-a-fact tone.]

today is the first day of back to college. damn effin HOT weather. my skin was literally scream and shout for help when the sunshine strikes. uhh, pain! anyway, college was packed with loads and loads of people. why? beats me, i was confuse myself. i do not have any class today but need to go college to settle my supplementary exam thingy. ooh ya, i have to re-sit my Econs paper. sigh. stupid me.

the 'supposely' plan is for me to go with sha as she gonna pick me up at the office. but unfortunately she didnt tell me the whole details. so i went college by myself by cab. while i'm in the cab, *phone vibrates trutt trutt: one new message received from sasha: lynn, i come pick u up k? i'll leave ASAP.*

i was like hmm. and reply the text. *nvm sha,im in the cab dy. c u at college.* sashareen! dushh! arrived at college and meet up with ewan. great big hug, huwaa, miss laa bro! and saw the line of people at the record and finance office. OUCH!

catch up a lil bit with ewan and he gave some stuff he bought at jakarta. aww! touched! wait for sasha and eliza to sampai then settled our supp thingy. then go makan and meet up jesmyn and jojo. then zaza redhair joins in as she got class soon after that. sorry syg, we all have no class on monday. hehe. as usual, we makan then then catch up with each other then laugh and laugh again. miss this moment.

somehow i felt that i really need this. situation at home really suffocating me and kills all my positive aura. uhh. disgusting. i need my mojo back people! hai-yahhh!

third semester dah nak start. more and more classes.

Human Communication:
tue; 1400 - 1530
thu; 1400 - 1530

Film and Arts Appreciation:
fri; 1400 - 1830 [friggin 4hours class! sure tido!]

Computing Essentials:
tue; 0930 - 1230
wed; 0800 - 0930

dis sem i'm gonna have the same class with all my neneks. except for CE without zaza redhair. bummer. and, no more class with ewan. huwaa!

sudah laa, aku mengantuk! bye bye!

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