January 3, 2010

its 2010!

*berhenti seketika sebelum mula menulis. tarik nafas. fuhh!*

setelah sekian lama menyepi diri dari alam blog ini, kini jejari aku kembali berdetap-detap di papan kekunci ini. sedar takk sedar, its already 2010 and i'm already in my third semester in UCSI. hopefully this will be my final semester of my foundation in arts. *fingers crossed.*

yes, i've been MIA from blogging but i am pretty much active facebook-ing. *laugh* pictures and status updates are all there. kinda fun actually, made me feel connected ALL the time. wth.

actually this post is pretty much just to tell you people that i am still alive and kickin' and will be back to blog and blabs in near time. as well as to wish you all a very happy new year. may we all have a blessed year. aminn~

gonna begin the reconstruction of my blog now.

tapping off now. bye bye!

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