October 19, 2009

sasha's Deeparaya

saat jari jemari berdetap detap di atas papan kekunci ini, lagu PeterPan - Kau Katakan Dengan Indah mengiringi penulisan ku.

if you guys read my previous blog post, you'll know who is Auntie Fadilaa is. SAD NEWS. she passed away on Saturday 17th October 2009. may she rest in peace and may Allah bless her. we gonna missed her. indeed. they (the doctors and the family members) actually agreed on taking off the life support she had on. well, they know best i guess though somehow i kinda not agree on that. but who are we wanna pitch ideas on this matter. i dont have the right. ooh well, what's done is done. yes, we may grieve for a little while but we the ones who still alive are still have to move on with our lifes. so, lets us not look back (though the past is important.) and just move forward. forward. (Al-Fatihah for Auntie Fadilaa..)

monday monday monday.
the weather such nice today. hooray! despite the Emo bomb dropped on me and my friends today, but still because of the weather, it still forgiven. *laughs* (i seriously dont care about people like you, such a waste to the world!)

currently i am reading 'The Rules of Life by Richard Templar'
why? simply because i need to cherish my life more and improve my grammar and English. at one point, i felt that as if my English was rotted and very bad. *rolling on the floor*
very interesting book. it consists of a total of 100 rules.
"A personal code for living a better, happier, more successful kind of life."
now i am at Rule # 4: Accept Yourself.

i think thats all for now, Accounting Midterm is coming soon!
study study study. need to put more effort on this subject because never in my life associated with accounting. *laughs*


we went to Sasha's place for a DeepaRaya Openhouse. as Sasha is half Malay and half Indian thats why we called it DeepaRaya. *smiles* here are some pictures! credits to Jesmyn Tan and Jamilah Zahirah for the pictures because i didnt bring my camm that day. ngee!

Jes and si tuan rumah.
takde gambar dengan tuan rumah. maaf.

asyraff. beruang! ade sorang lagi tapi MIA laa gambar die.
terimakasih cz selalu bawak kami pergi makanmakan.

my favourite picture of all the bunch!
but incomplete without Sashareen Omar!

our dearest Coddy!! thanks for driving us!!
i know you stressed naik kereta dengan we all.

last but not least,
greetings of Deeparaya from Me and Jes!
thanks for the hearthy meal Sha!!!
i had fun fun fun!

Bye Bye for now!!!

luv always,
Liyana Lynn

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