May 31, 2008

gOne with the wind

i'm Off tO terengganu [sampai kene my dad hOw tO speLL terengganu cOrrectLy,memaLukan je anda nie LyNn.] tapi sadLy,aku pegi nOt reaLLy fOr cuti-cuti maLaysia [hmm,tidak mengape Lah].aku pegi ni agak Lame La gak,maybe a week,insya-aLLah xpayah pegi skewL ari isnin tue.yAyy!!!terLepas aku dari mOnday bLues [mOst impOrtant,dun think i am ready tO face a certain sOmeOne]
aku pergi sane cOz my famiLy invOLve in sukma kaLi nie.sOo,chaiyOk2 seLangOr team,especiaLLy team shOoting.hahahahahaha.aim trip untuk kaLi ini adeLah...fLirt Like yOu never fLirt befOre [seriOusLy!!] need a distractiOn stat!!but this tyme,i prOmise nOt tO hurt anyOne incLuding me-seLf.ruLe of the game : make it cLean n cLear bOut nO fEeLings at aLL,hanye kwn,tmpat sembang.hahahaha.aku da penat La.Out fOr nOw,wish me Luck!!

May 30, 2008

MISSING : identity

semaLam aku raid cd-cd kt famiLy haLL umh aku [bOsan gLer nye pasaL,asek bOsan je edOp kO nie LyNn,ksian2] pastu aku jumpe One cD nie,cOver die ade satu maLe species yg damn hawt!! MATT DAMON..wAhh,sangat hensem.citer tue tajuk 'the bOurne uLtimatum'.muLe-muLe macam tak minat sahaje nak tengOk tapi pikir-pikir baLek ''Layan saje La''..patutnye sayer perLu pergi ke keLas chemistry tapi sangat la maLas Lalu patik tidak la pergi ke keLas tersebut.Lepak kat umah baek-punya [as miL-miL famOus phrase] disebabkan cOver cd tu terdapat seOrang makhLuk yg "wOw,he is sOo hawt" sO aku pun tengOk r cite tue.basicaLLy the stOry iz abOut seOrang agent yang keLiru and sedang mencari identityNye yang teLah 'dicuri' biLe die jOin satu prOgramme nie.disebabkan identity die dicuri,he aLready Lost the OnLy One he ever Loved.pastu die kne traveL dri paris ke madrid ke tangier ke London pastu ke new yOrk juz tO find his identity,kesianNye..same La jugak mcm kita semua nie,sedang mencari identiti kita.kadang-kadang berjaya jumpa,kadang-kadang tak.kadang-kadang kita juga perlukan bantuan orang Lain untuk cari identiti diri kita tue.Orang jnis camtu la yang payah giLer nak dicari.kenape ye?mungkin pade muLe nye kite engat we fOund Orang tue kerana die nearLy as same as us.tapi sebenarnye when the peOpLe as same as us it is mOre difficuLt.i aLso dOn't nOe why.finaLLy i trime ape yg fikri [5bEst's mOnitOr] kate duLu.die kate "LyNn,kadang-kadang reLationship ni macam magnet,biLe kutub same die fOrever xLeh rapat tapi biLe kutub berLainan die akan bercantum,nO matter what happen,wLupun ade halangan tapi die stiLL bLeh bergabung gk''.

the smiLe On yOur face

senyuman itu kemanisan wajah,hati itu kemanisan jiwa oLeh itu,berikan senyumanMu pada semua dan berikan hatimu hanya pada orang yang tersayang.
A teacher or tO be specific seOrang ustazah,pernah berkate-kate pade peLajarnye."satu pesan saye pade hari guru nie,awak kene beLajar betuL2 untuk SPM ni,jangan banyak main dan teruskanLah senyuman awak tu sebab senyuman awak tu boLeh menceriakan hati orang Lain".sangat terharu student die tue sebab takde orang yang pernah kisah pasaL senyuman die tue.and the mOst impOrtant thing,she never expect her smiLe cOuLd effect others.smiLe that she use to hide whatever she want/need to hide.tapi,mOraL of the stOry::smiLe aLways,tak kire La it is a sincere smiLe or a truLy fake smile..kadang-kadang aku penat La buat fake smiLe nie,mcm nak patah rahang/jaw aku nie.hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha

May 29, 2008

jOnas brOthers [p/s : jOe jOnas is damn gOrgeOus]

[kEvin + nick + jOe]

** Oh yEah Oh yEah
if the heart is aLways searching
can yOu ever find a hOme?
I've been LoOking fOr that sOmeOne
I never make it On my Own
Dreams can't take
The pLace Of Loving yOu
There's gOtta be a miLLion reasOns
why its true
chOrus :: [whEn yOu LoOk me in the eyes
And teLL me that yOu Love me
Everything's aLLright
when yOu right here by my side
when yOu LoOk me in the eyes
i catch a gLimpse of heaven
i find my paradise
when yOu LoOk me in the eyes]
hOw Long wiLL i be waiting
tO be with yOu again?
i'm gOnna teLL you that i LOve yOu
in the best way that i can
i can't take a day withOut yOu here
yOu're the Light that make my darkness disappear
*repEat chOrus*
mOvin' On,i start tO reaLize
i can reach my tOmOrrOw
i can hOLd my head up high
and it's aLL becAuse yOu're by my side
when yOu LoOk me in the eyes
and teLL me that yOu Love me
Everything's aLLright
when yOu right here by my side
when i hOld you in my arms
i knOw that is fOrever
i just gOt to Let yOu knOw
i never wanna Let yOu gO
cAuse *repeat chOrus*
Oh yeah Oh yeah


i am me

take me as i am because i am unique and nOt a freak!!

May 27, 2008

** sudah-Lah**

kenape ia patah?tentu ade sebab...

.Love can be reaLLy painfuLL and Love can be reaLLy beautifuL.

PainfuL Love cause yOu to cry [a Lot,nO matter it is yOur fauLt or anyOne eLse's fauLt] but sOmehOw the tears can be a pOsitive thing [Lynn is in a missiOn tO aLways think pOsitive +ve!].when i was brOwsing at i fOund twO very dEep + mEaningfuL + **awesOme** quOte.

"tears wiLL heLp yOu Learn and grOw,yOu're better oFf tO Let them fLow"

when yOu reaLLy think abOut it,it's kinda true.i asked tOt bOut this and she tOtaLLy agree with it.she said,"betuL r tue,biLe kO da nAnges,kO akan rase puas n Lega sket,mungkin masaLah tak seLesai Lg tapi kekadang mEnangis tu membantu"

"when One dOor of happiness cLoses,anOther Opens,but Often we LoOk sO Long at the cLosed doOr that we dO nOt see the One which has opEned fOr us - HeLen keLLer"

thank yOu heLen keLLer.frOm nOw On,Let us nOt LoOk fOr the dOor that aLready cLosed,jOm kite carik pintu yang dah terbukak Luas untuk kite.sudah-Lah,its enuff [fresh-start + refresh] Like my frEn said,"mungkin die bukan yang terbaik untuk diri kau,mungkin masih ade yang Lain,aLLah dah tetapkan jOdOh kita" [thanks a Lot Baqir,reaLLy appreciate fOr everything,my prayers wiLL always be 'mOge2 kau akan end-up kawEn ngn die' **amin**]

= cOmfOrt fOod =

these are a few cOmfOrt food that exists in this wOrLd.
aLL of it screAm yummy!! and whisper "gawd,that is sOo gOin tO my butt"

Okay-okay,enuff with aLL the caLorie + 'tutt'!!
  • 1st pic :: Legend says it is the uLtimate cOmfOrt fOod [cEyh,Legend kunun!] chOcOLates!! i think mOst wOmen in the wOrLd Loathes chOcOLates but thre are pEeps whO survive withOut chOcOLates [Like mOi] pEopLe arOund me Loves chOcOLates :: aLong + eika + pad + nada + afiqah + ain + kecik + even my babah [sOmetimes].
  • 2nd pic :: ice-cream!!mOre Like "i-scream" to me.i am nOt sure this can ve categOrized as cOmfOrt fOod Or nOt but my bEstest buddy [tOt] she wiLL eat ice-cream whenever she have a bad day.she said,"biLe eskrem tue msuk je kt muLut kO,the cOLdness made you fOrget whatever had happens and tue yg mmbuatkn kO puas giLer!"
  • 3rd pic :: cupcake!! accOrding tO aLong,the cupcake-maddness start when the casts in 'sEx and the city' eat them tO fuLfiL their desire.they can't eat cake cOz cake is FAT sO they eat eat cucake [mini versiOn of cake,Less-fat] i can say cupcake is the mOst ideaL cOmfOrt fOod 4 wOmen + girLs if they are wOrried of getting fat!it is aLso cute and chic!
  • 4th pic :: chOcoLate-dipped strawberries!! [chOcoLate again?*eish2*] my sis newest Love!that day she is wiLLing tO gO to KLCC juz 4 these babies!chOcOLate-dipped strawberries is the mixture of is sweet nan sOur which wiLL knOck yOur taste-buds is simpLy divine! [i have tO admit it thOugh i am nOt a big fan of chOcOlates]
  • 5th pic :: ah-hAa!! this is aLso an uLtimate cOmfOrt fOod, mOist chOcOLate cake!!this gurantee yOu a few kg's if you eat it tO much.yOu can find this cake at Secret-recipe,[they gOt aLL kinds Of chOcOLate cakes there,even the One which is sugar-free!but Like my pakbusu said,if yOu want tO eat cake,dOn't wOrry abOut the sugar,it wiLL crush the 'traditiOn']

attention all girLs + wOmen!!

caLLing aLL girLs and wOmen outside!

there is nO such thing Like "pErfect guy" it is aLL Lies and fuLL of crAp! uLang suare : "LIES n CRAP" dO nOt be fOoL!

yeah,maybe he is cute + funny + 'understanding' + rugged + smArt + fuLL with ideas + prOmise you that he wiLL aLways 'Love' you + dOes nOt bOred you + whatsOever :: but just kEep in your mind that they [maLe species] can break + crush + smash + crash + tear + split + cut yOur precious LittLe hEart Like nObOdy business!

1st,they act Like they reaLLy-reaLLy care abOut you :: aLways says "you the onLy One fOr me" [ugh,yucks!] :: dO a Lot of praising [gawd,they reaLLy knOw how to make you feeL Like you're at cLoud 9] :: mOst impOrtantLy,they make you feeL like you can't Lose them [that's is juz playing crueL]

2nd,aLL of sudden yOu dOn't even care if he hurt your feeLings or make you sad Or even make you cry!

this kind of species is the main reasOns why "cOmfOrt foOd" exist.[wELL,at Least One gOod thing came out of it].whEn girLs + wOmen is sad=hurt=deprEssed they eat "cOmfOrt fOod".at this pOint,they dOn't even care hOw many caLories in the fOod and they dOn't care hOw the fOod gOnna make them FAT!

May 26, 2008

hari yang sangat mem-buh-san-kan!

first mOnday [epi skEwL hOLidays!] nOt gOin to schooL shud be fun! hari nie sangat-sangat xtra bOorink!! wanna watck tEevEe tapi muhamad hazman da conquer tv Lk,malas nak gadOh2 nag die cOz aku skang daLam mission untuk jadik akak yg baEk [yeah rite!] juz xde mOod nk gadOh Lew! sOo,sayer pun raid my aLong cLeO-bOx [ampun maap dipinta ya aLong] finaLLy i chOosed cLeo issue March 2008 [OmigOd,ketinggalan-nye akuh nie]
a few hOt topics on the cOver of the magazine interest me ::"attract any friends,freebies and hotties you want" it says ere = unbelievable effect on peOpLe and it has nothing to do with the way you LoOk it iz juz Like a 'pEopLe-magnet' :: "Are yOu gOing mEntaL?9 vOices every smart wOmen hears in her head" it says ere = the vOices are : the nurturer + the animaL party + the mOtivater + the inner critic + the empathetic ear + the pLeaser (my fave!) + the muLti-tasker + the anger-mOnger + the chiLd >< it state that "the key to managing the masses is reaLising that all of these wOmen are YOU.Listen to what they're saying,because they probabLy aLL have a vaLid pOint"
when i start reading,i land on another veree interesting tOpic :: "are you staLking him?"
disebabkan terLaLu dan sangat bOsan,aku pn buat quiz kt dLm cLeO ni :: titLe iz = HOW BIG IS YOU EGO? it has 40 multiple chOice questiOn
[macam buat xm puLak] ape2pun aku da jawab sume sOaLan2 tue and i scOre a totaL 181marks.

it says here that if you scOre 181,you have "grAnde EgO'' [what?]

Grande EgO (81 - 120 )= "you are very cOmfortable with who n what you are,which is a gOod thing and rare too.yOu've gOt you egO just where they it shud fact,all you need to do is know when to put it out of the way and when to bring it fore.yOu can do this by making sure there is always room for "heart" in your Life,because heart is at the root of all happiness.

iz dat true?

May 24, 2008

Like icing On the cupcake

these are my frens and i mOst definiteLy LoOoves them!!!frOm the top :: 1st pic: taken at our beLoved 5bEst [bEst kew?yup,ofcOz,nOwhere Like it] in the pic = arif + zabri + pad [rare occAsion she wanna take pic] + eika [Lame-Lame die da jadik cm aku,giLer camera!huhu] + LyNn@Liyana :: 2nd pic: candid photo by nEezam [nice angLe dude] in the pic = racheL + athirah + arif [byk nye gmbar kO arEp,giLer camera juga ke?] :: 3rd pic: taken kat bLok D mase ptg tyme wat banner fOr mauLidur-rasuL [saye M.I.A ke debate practice] in the pic = 'biru-biru' kesayangan 5bEst (pad + afiqah + dayah n tikah "mereke twinz"):: 4th pic : taken kat landskap tepi bLok A [mase mule2 dis place wujud tyme 2006,it was reaLLy nice,but nOw,hmmm] in the pic = me ofcOz LyNn@Liyana + adiLah (jEweLs of 5pintar) + nad (aLso jewELs of 5pintar) + eika (gud oL frEn) :: 5th pic: depan surau [aku saLu sOlat kt cni.duLu Le] in the pic = LyNn@Liyana + eika...
duLu i am nOt a reaLLy big fan of these 'bEstarianz' cOz Last tyme i was a 'tawakaLian' n aLso bEcause i did nOt exactLy 'Like-Like' the teacher.actuaLLy,it iz hard to get use to the whOLe 'change-cLass' mase 2007 but my kLasmates did not make it hard me pLus having eika by my side to kEep me gOing.therefOre,lame-lame timbuL rase sayang kat 4bEst'07/5bEst'08.but i still have a Large space in my heart fOr my mOst dearie 'tawakaLmates=2t'05/3t'06'.first few mOnths iz kinda awkward but i survive!!yAyy me!!and nOw i Love them to bits!! especially :: eika pad syaf fikri maL miL2 zabri.yOu guys reaLLy cOLour my Life.
4bEst'07/5bEst'08 :: arep + aLip + masbab + nEezam + pad + eika + haris + syaf + maL + fikri + athirah + dayah + tikah + rachel + fareez + zabri + miL2 + nasihah + mahmudah + nada + afiqah + shEeba
p/s: gOnna miss Orang-orang inie a Lot after dis!! (=^_^=)

::hate is a strOng wOrd::

Lame-Lame cam dah jadi satu perkara normal bile cakap dengan sOmeOne tapi takde respond [as if you taLk to a meje] but she is happy enuf bile boleh at least 'bercakap' dengan die walaupun die tak 'berkate-kate'
semua orang asked her why she never give-up?
iz hard for her to answer because the truth is she herseLf dOesn't nOe why.
maybe she is suffering on E.I.D [emotional and identity disorder]
or Like OLd saying ''Love is bLind"

"kadang-kadang kita tak sedar yang orang yang kita tak peduli sayang giLer kat kita,
kadand-kadang kita tak sedar yang kita terlampau sayang kat orang sedangkan dia seLaLu sakitkan hati kita,
Dan kita tak pernah sedar yang kita bukannya sempurna untuk mendapatkan orang yang sangat sempurna dalam hidup kita,
Dan kita bukan sesiapa untuk membuat Orang menyayangi kita seperti kita sayang kat dia,
sebab kita cuma manusia biasa yang sangat naif tentang perasaan"

*frOm: tOt-3t'06
: 5.19pm 0842008

sangat tak seronokLa,it has been 4mOnths since i have a real 'cOnversation' with him.aiyayyai.ape nak buat nie?what to do??
takpe2,chiLL babe.
nOw kite ade heLp. hOorray!!heLp has arrived!!!
tapi,is the heLp reaLLy hElpfuL or heLpLess?

*s.m.s= Save.My.SouL*

sesuatu yang buat aku berfikir


memiliki seseorang yang mencintai kita adalah lebih baik daripada memiliki orang yang kita cintai.
kita bOLeh mencintai dia tetapi bagaimana dia?
jadi,sayangilah orang yang mencintai kita dengan sepenuh hati.
cubaLah untuk menghargai.
jangan biarkancinta yang suci berlalu begitu sahaja.
cinta nafsu senang di cari tetapi cinta suci susah diberi.
cinta palsu penuh di jalanan tetapi cinta sejati pastiakan berkekalan.

**frOm: shadiq,3g'06
: 2.26am 24-MAY-08

credits to one of my bestest buddy,mr.shadiq.
sOmething yang die buat tyme2 lapang..