May 27, 2008

attention all girLs + wOmen!!

caLLing aLL girLs and wOmen outside!

there is nO such thing Like "pErfect guy" it is aLL Lies and fuLL of crAp! uLang suare : "LIES n CRAP" dO nOt be fOoL!

yeah,maybe he is cute + funny + 'understanding' + rugged + smArt + fuLL with ideas + prOmise you that he wiLL aLways 'Love' you + dOes nOt bOred you + whatsOever :: but just kEep in your mind that they [maLe species] can break + crush + smash + crash + tear + split + cut yOur precious LittLe hEart Like nObOdy business!

1st,they act Like they reaLLy-reaLLy care abOut you :: aLways says "you the onLy One fOr me" [ugh,yucks!] :: dO a Lot of praising [gawd,they reaLLy knOw how to make you feeL Like you're at cLoud 9] :: mOst impOrtantLy,they make you feeL like you can't Lose them [that's is juz playing crueL]

2nd,aLL of sudden yOu dOn't even care if he hurt your feeLings or make you sad Or even make you cry!

this kind of species is the main reasOns why "cOmfOrt foOd" exist.[wELL,at Least One gOod thing came out of it].whEn girLs + wOmen is sad=hurt=deprEssed they eat "cOmfOrt fOod".at this pOint,they dOn't even care hOw many caLories in the fOod and they dOn't care hOw the fOod gOnna make them FAT!

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Anonymous said...

sebab tu aku takut cari gf. aku takut aku akan jadi bf yang teruk.