May 27, 2008

= cOmfOrt fOod =

these are a few cOmfOrt food that exists in this wOrLd.
aLL of it screAm yummy!! and whisper "gawd,that is sOo gOin tO my butt"

Okay-okay,enuff with aLL the caLorie + 'tutt'!!
  • 1st pic :: Legend says it is the uLtimate cOmfOrt fOod [cEyh,Legend kunun!] chOcOLates!! i think mOst wOmen in the wOrLd Loathes chOcOLates but thre are pEeps whO survive withOut chOcOLates [Like mOi] pEopLe arOund me Loves chOcOLates :: aLong + eika + pad + nada + afiqah + ain + kecik + even my babah [sOmetimes].
  • 2nd pic :: ice-cream!!mOre Like "i-scream" to me.i am nOt sure this can ve categOrized as cOmfOrt fOod Or nOt but my bEstest buddy [tOt] she wiLL eat ice-cream whenever she have a bad day.she said,"biLe eskrem tue msuk je kt muLut kO,the cOLdness made you fOrget whatever had happens and tue yg mmbuatkn kO puas giLer!"
  • 3rd pic :: cupcake!! accOrding tO aLong,the cupcake-maddness start when the casts in 'sEx and the city' eat them tO fuLfiL their desire.they can't eat cake cOz cake is FAT sO they eat eat cucake [mini versiOn of cake,Less-fat] i can say cupcake is the mOst ideaL cOmfOrt fOod 4 wOmen + girLs if they are wOrried of getting fat!it is aLso cute and chic!
  • 4th pic :: chOcoLate-dipped strawberries!! [chOcoLate again?*eish2*] my sis newest Love!that day she is wiLLing tO gO to KLCC juz 4 these babies!chOcOLate-dipped strawberries is the mixture of is sweet nan sOur which wiLL knOck yOur taste-buds is simpLy divine! [i have tO admit it thOugh i am nOt a big fan of chOcOlates]
  • 5th pic :: ah-hAa!! this is aLso an uLtimate cOmfOrt fOod, mOist chOcOLate cake!!this gurantee yOu a few kg's if you eat it tO much.yOu can find this cake at Secret-recipe,[they gOt aLL kinds Of chOcOLate cakes there,even the One which is sugar-free!but Like my pakbusu said,if yOu want tO eat cake,dOn't wOrry abOut the sugar,it wiLL crush the 'traditiOn']

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