June 24, 2009

i am a fool?

Dewi aku mohon
Beri kesempatan
tuk bisa menebus dosaku kepadamu
Maafkanlah aku yang menyakitimu
Aku tidak pernah menyangka bisa begini
Oh Dewi..
Kaulah hidupku
Aku cinta padamu sanpai mati
Belah lah dadaku
Agar kau tahu
Agar kau mengerti
Semua terjadi begitu saja
Tak ada serius antara dia dan aku
Tidak cinta dan tak ada hati
Hanya karena aku lelaki dan dia wanita
Oh Dewi
Kaulah hidupku
Aku cinta padamu sanpai mati
Belah lah dadaku
Agar kau tahu
Agar kau mengerti
(song title: dewi ; artist: dewa19)


last night i turned in a little bit early than usual cz i got a +ve psychology midterm today. as usual, plugged in to my mp3 and kinda randomly select songs.suddenly,i landed on this song. dewi by dewa19....
ouhh,how my heart ached through the song...
(haiss,why on earth laa i kept listening to that song?)

then i noticed a few a lines from the lyrics....

'semua terjadi begitu saja,
tak ada serius antara dia dan aku
tidak cinta dan tak ada hati
hanya kerna aku lelaki dan dia wanita'

now i realise something...
something that i should realise a long time ago...

what a fool i was...

(and the name is muhd hariz)

June 23, 2009

doomed i tell ya!!

i've been neglecting this blog for quite some time now.
damn effin busy with hefty loads of assignments and midterm exam which coming very darn NEAR!!!
yes,i am nearly killed myself.
deep down inside the darkness of my soul,the desire to commit a suicide becoming larger as the time passed.
gosh,what am i crapping about?
well,that's what happen when you try to juggle all things together at the SAME time.
currently swimming in a mess of:
  • assignments: Malaysian studies (due 9 july) islamic studies (individual:due 6 july) positive psychology (group:due 3 august) intro to business (due 23 july). yes,i am very much concern of my due dates!!!!! but look on the bright side,at least i've completed and done 2 of my other assignments.2 down just nother 45 to go.sheet!!!!
  • mixed emotions/feelings and all the crappy dovey-dovey stuff.all thanks to a VERY good fren of mine,who really making things worst for me.haiss,why why you have to tell me?can't you just keep to yourself?sheesh!!!
  • feeling guilty towards a few people around me.
  • damn missing Eika.she herself stuck in a pile of sheet just like me.well,i only pray the best for her...
  • i have 2 midterms this week.positive psychology on 24 June (damn!its tomorrow!!have i done all the reading???hmmm??).and business on 26 june,friday!!!!havent read yet.nooooo!!!!
oukayss,lets face it..i am doomed!!!!!
typing off to doomed myself in the pile of mess.
negativity, sorrow,pain,worries controlling me!!!
anyway,dooms outt..

June 19, 2009

to be clamp or not to be clamp.

last wednesday, i hitch a ride with sha after our business discussion.
we were all in the car..
me,zazaa,jess n sha..
suddenly zazaa's 'KEEN' eyes saw a metal thingy near sha's tyre..
cz,sha 'accidently' park at the reserved parking space.
and we have to wait like half an hour for the person to unclamped the car.
and sha kena pay like RM**. effin!!!!
and btw,i survived sashareen's driving.hahaha.

eyes on the road!!!

smilling monalisa on wheels..

zazaa za co-pilot..

"gawd,i am soooo DEAD!!!" monolog dalaman Liyana.

that's what happen on wednesday..
and continuing our friday makan session.
following pictures:

jes MIA, unstable emotional malfunction.

close eyes-open wide eyes

open eyes-close eyes
jes,wider please!!!
heee..my cute-cute 'sooo common' beshtie!!!

sooo AYU dis girl..
sooo many admirers summore..
always on the phone (text/talk) and stix wit mr.vitesh!!!

opsss,where are our heads???
arghhhh,headless creature!!!!
haizzz,i need to practice my camwhoring skill more..
zaa,jes help me!!!!!!!!!


today was fun.met up wit BO at the station and he send me to college..huwaaa..misss that big guy damn much laa..he gemok already!!!hahaha..to BO: "no matter what size you are,i will always LAVE you.haha."
then tonight,BAQIR called and we chat for 55minutes non stop!!!!!hahaha.a lot to catch up..he's in TPM now..great!!!very near rite????

June 13, 2009


friday is my most favourite day of the week cz friday is the day that me and my girls can spend more time together.these pictures was taken on friday (duhh!!) before intro to business lecture!!!we sneak into one of the many piano room at UCSI Music School.although get busted once but still soooo DEGIL still wanna play.while Jes and Sha busy with the piano, me and za camwhore with the mirror.haha.elyna,hmm?dis girl really stick to her phone always.aiiyakk!!!haha. you can check out za's page (http://zazaajamil.blogspot.com) to see what we do there besides camwhoring.haha.enjoy!!!!

my most fave picture!!!!greatt job laaa zazaaaa.

waffle is loove.yes!!!!

today got a text from Eika, she told what's up with her now..
i realised that i miss her derely..
feeling incomplete without her..me and Eika Form 5 2008



June 12, 2009

hectic study life.

currently sitting in the library.
trying to find some inspiration to write.
college life is hectic now....
assignments piling up like the Mount Kinabalu.
to make things worse, due date is coming near.
plus, not feeling so good now.
running nose. and my face looks like HELL.
lets take a peep into my piled up assignments.
  • Islamic studies: individual (6 July) / group (22 June)
  • positive psychology: individual (24 June) / group (3 August)
  • Malaysian studies: group (9 July)
  • introduction to business: group (23 July)
haisss, my due dates are killing me!!!!
plus mid-term exam is coming too.
crazy laaa.
i am going to be thick toast!!!
i am currently jugging with a lot of stuff now.
just the other day, 'met' up with someone and received a funny/shocking/awkward news.
story mory the morning glory much later...

music feeds my soul.
Liyana currently longed for a good night sleep!!!!!
kinda excited for tomorrow, IPSC Open at PGA Cheras.

June 8, 2009

escape from KL

mood: afraid of own self feelings. started questioning myself. my bantal is the bestest companion.

cuti sekolah menjadi pilihan ramai orang untuk melangsungkan perkahwinan. tapi, aku takk pergi banyak pun. just my mum and dad were busy with the weddings. friend's children and relatives. last Sunday, i went to a wedding of one of my mum's side relatives in Perak. i'm not sure who is getting married and i dun even care. i just want to go to have a loong journey in the car.why??well, recently,i did not have enough sleep because somehow i do not feel comfy enough to sleep in my room.weird!!! and i always looove sleeping in cars. most favourite car for me to sleep in are my sis's car and my dad's black car.wahhh,the pleasure of sleeping in those cars are PHENOMENAL!!!
to go to the wedding, my dad did not use the highway for some reason.so, we use the other road which have more scenary to see, more stalls/eating place to eat and stuff laa.
we drove through Kuala Selangor and a few more place that i couldnt remember the name (scuse me for geographical error and ignorance) and saw many breathtaking views of the paddy fields and other plantations. it was very nice to change the views sometimes. usually, i treat my eyes with the views of concrete bulidings and sticking my eyes to the electronic screens, now, i am giving my eyes some vacations by treating it with a more calm and beautiful scenary.hahas.
we even stopped by the Bukit Malawati, a historical place. and went for a short sight seeing. yes,i gained many knowledge and facts about the incident happened there. i just looove history.yup,no kidding. at the Bukit Malawati, there is one small town (my dad said it is a 'pekan') that is soo quiet eventhough there's alot of people and cars around. the vibes of the small town is very relaxed and slow. very different from KL. no traffic jams,no weird-mannered drivers honking around, no freaky looking teens parading the street and just plain slow and relaxed enviroment. it is very nice to escape from the hustle bustle of KL for awhile. but somehow, that kind of enviroment does not suited me.hehe. kadang-kadang can laa,if staying longer,umm,dun think soo.
the wedding is nice (sort of) but still have to faced a few abnoxious people. sorry,i dun snap any pictures.dun feel like it.hahas.plus, i just wanna tell y'all about the journey.hehe.

monday,back to college and began to faced the reality check of KL. slapped in the face!!! wake up Liyana!!! it's MONDAY!!!

6 June 2009: met wit boyfie and get a very 'umm?' feelings.

7 June 2009: shared a conversation that involved emotion and feelings with someone. old flame?nahh, former teamate/classmate/a person who i loooved to annoy back at school.a conversation that scared me a lil bit.

8 June 2009: teamed up with comrades. and a kinda normal day at college.except for me being a bit slow/tired. IS class suddenly become very havoc and nice.haha.wth with the lec?????

now freaking out by assignments due dates!!! and just wanna live my life by the flow...

that's all for now!!!!!

June 6, 2009

hanya untuk hidangan mata

currently having writer's blockage!!ughh,hate it.haha.people always said that a picture worth a thousand words.so now i have 10 pictures,that means,i have like 10 thousand words!!!yayy!!!note: this is just randomness of my everyday life.enjoy....

incomplete without sasha
friday, 5th June 2009

me and zazaa

today, 6th june 2009
with ridhuan,my sis's petbro.
we are like cats and dogs!!

a walk to remember to the student council

frankly i dunno what is this creature,but its
hanging on zaa's pencil case!!
cow? donkey?dilemma..
bored in islamic class (=.=)''

sha in islamic class.
whoa,concentrate izit???

prom king/prom queen audition. (i think laa)
also the talent show finalist performed.

current display picture on YM and MSN

why people say him very annoying??

dude,tanx cz laughing to the max with us.
u make the waiting much more desireable.

maybe she's right, we need to give chance to each other.and maybe he's right too,not seeing each other often may effect the relationship.but no worries now, things been better. alhamdulillah...btw,i miss my Eika damn much!!! aiyoo,perempuan,bile daa mau balik KL??haiss,jauh naaa laa ko..haha..