June 19, 2009

to be clamp or not to be clamp.

last wednesday, i hitch a ride with sha after our business discussion.
we were all in the car..
me,zazaa,jess n sha..
suddenly zazaa's 'KEEN' eyes saw a metal thingy near sha's tyre..
cz,sha 'accidently' park at the reserved parking space.
and we have to wait like half an hour for the person to unclamped the car.
and sha kena pay like RM**. effin!!!!
and btw,i survived sashareen's driving.hahaha.

eyes on the road!!!

smilling monalisa on wheels..

zazaa za co-pilot..

"gawd,i am soooo DEAD!!!" monolog dalaman Liyana.

that's what happen on wednesday..
and continuing our friday makan session.
following pictures:

jes MIA, unstable emotional malfunction.

close eyes-open wide eyes

open eyes-close eyes
jes,wider please!!!
heee..my cute-cute 'sooo common' beshtie!!!

sooo AYU dis girl..
sooo many admirers summore..
always on the phone (text/talk) and stix wit mr.vitesh!!!

opsss,where are our heads???
arghhhh,headless creature!!!!
haizzz,i need to practice my camwhoring skill more..
zaa,jes help me!!!!!!!!!


today was fun.met up wit BO at the station and he send me to college..huwaaa..misss that big guy damn much laa..he gemok already!!!hahaha..to BO: "no matter what size you are,i will always LAVE you.haha."
then tonight,BAQIR called and we chat for 55minutes non stop!!!!!hahaha.a lot to catch up..he's in TPM now..great!!!very near rite????

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