June 23, 2009

doomed i tell ya!!

i've been neglecting this blog for quite some time now.
damn effin busy with hefty loads of assignments and midterm exam which coming very darn NEAR!!!
yes,i am nearly killed myself.
deep down inside the darkness of my soul,the desire to commit a suicide becoming larger as the time passed.
gosh,what am i crapping about?
well,that's what happen when you try to juggle all things together at the SAME time.
currently swimming in a mess of:
  • assignments: Malaysian studies (due 9 july) islamic studies (individual:due 6 july) positive psychology (group:due 3 august) intro to business (due 23 july). yes,i am very much concern of my due dates!!!!! but look on the bright side,at least i've completed and done 2 of my other assignments.2 down just nother 45 to go.sheet!!!!
  • mixed emotions/feelings and all the crappy dovey-dovey stuff.all thanks to a VERY good fren of mine,who really making things worst for me.haiss,why why you have to tell me?can't you just keep to yourself?sheesh!!!
  • feeling guilty towards a few people around me.
  • damn missing Eika.she herself stuck in a pile of sheet just like me.well,i only pray the best for her...
  • i have 2 midterms this week.positive psychology on 24 June (damn!its tomorrow!!have i done all the reading???hmmm??).and business on 26 june,friday!!!!havent read yet.nooooo!!!!
oukayss,lets face it..i am doomed!!!!!
typing off to doomed myself in the pile of mess.
negativity, sorrow,pain,worries controlling me!!!
anyway,dooms outt..

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