June 13, 2009


friday is my most favourite day of the week cz friday is the day that me and my girls can spend more time together.these pictures was taken on friday (duhh!!) before intro to business lecture!!!we sneak into one of the many piano room at UCSI Music School.although get busted once but still soooo DEGIL still wanna play.while Jes and Sha busy with the piano, me and za camwhore with the mirror.haha.elyna,hmm?dis girl really stick to her phone always.aiiyakk!!!haha. you can check out za's page (http://zazaajamil.blogspot.com) to see what we do there besides camwhoring.haha.enjoy!!!!

my most fave picture!!!!greatt job laaa zazaaaa.

waffle is loove.yes!!!!

today got a text from Eika, she told what's up with her now..
i realised that i miss her derely..
feeling incomplete without her..me and Eika Form 5 2008



1 comment:

Zazaa said...

OMG ! thank you dear .
looking foward for the next camwhoring ! :P