June 12, 2009

hectic study life.

currently sitting in the library.
trying to find some inspiration to write.
college life is hectic now....
assignments piling up like the Mount Kinabalu.
to make things worse, due date is coming near.
plus, not feeling so good now.
running nose. and my face looks like HELL.
lets take a peep into my piled up assignments.
  • Islamic studies: individual (6 July) / group (22 June)
  • positive psychology: individual (24 June) / group (3 August)
  • Malaysian studies: group (9 July)
  • introduction to business: group (23 July)
haisss, my due dates are killing me!!!!
plus mid-term exam is coming too.
crazy laaa.
i am going to be thick toast!!!
i am currently jugging with a lot of stuff now.
just the other day, 'met' up with someone and received a funny/shocking/awkward news.
story mory the morning glory much later...

music feeds my soul.
Liyana currently longed for a good night sleep!!!!!
kinda excited for tomorrow, IPSC Open at PGA Cheras.

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