June 6, 2009

hanya untuk hidangan mata

currently having writer's blockage!!ughh,hate it.haha.people always said that a picture worth a thousand words.so now i have 10 pictures,that means,i have like 10 thousand words!!!yayy!!!note: this is just randomness of my everyday life.enjoy....

incomplete without sasha
friday, 5th June 2009

me and zazaa

today, 6th june 2009
with ridhuan,my sis's petbro.
we are like cats and dogs!!

a walk to remember to the student council

frankly i dunno what is this creature,but its
hanging on zaa's pencil case!!
cow? donkey?dilemma..
bored in islamic class (=.=)''

sha in islamic class.
whoa,concentrate izit???

prom king/prom queen audition. (i think laa)
also the talent show finalist performed.

current display picture on YM and MSN

why people say him very annoying??

dude,tanx cz laughing to the max with us.
u make the waiting much more desireable.

maybe she's right, we need to give chance to each other.and maybe he's right too,not seeing each other often may effect the relationship.but no worries now, things been better. alhamdulillah...btw,i miss my Eika damn much!!! aiyoo,perempuan,bile daa mau balik KL??haiss,jauh naaa laa ko..haha..

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