May 30, 2009

cute stuff

i am suppose to start on my +ve psycho assignment,but somehow,i cant even think of anything.YET.ze mood of open-up doesnt really in my head yet.hahas.ohh,what the i woke up rather early for a saturday,despite last night i slept kinda late.i don't even remember what did i do last night.hahas.short-term memory lost much?hehe.old lady.then, my mum and my sis went to our old,the house was left to me and my dad.WHAT?no lil monstrous brother???what a joy!!!!then,while taking my bath (how i dreaded bath-times,yes,i am soo malas to mandi,any problem?) my dad called saying that he is going out to do some errands.yesyes the whole house to myself.wahaha.ze day started with a Nasi Lemak Rendang.hehe.i can feel all the fat clumping at my hip!!!whatta??then watch the hell LOADS of telly.hahas.revenge is all MINE.its great not having monstrous lil brother snatching and rebut-ing ze beloved remote control with me.that child is seriously in need of professional help.haizz.the torture.then do some housework then buried my face into ze pengajian malaysia book.ouhh,mid-term is near.then i felt sleepy,darn it!!! this is becoming a habit.its like a dreadful mathematical equation:

Liyana + study = SLEEP

this never happens to me before,i used to love studying.whatta?such geek/nerd huh?hehe.what to do,i love burying my face into books.haha.maybe i lost my study momentum.hah??
btw,i am kinda freaking outt of all the assignment i've got!!!but somehow kinda excited about it too.haha.mixed feelings alert!!!
the other day,me n my sis went to Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka to buy some books for our islamic studies assignment and it ended up as islamic books spree.whatta!!!my mum surely proud of us.hahaha.for the assignment i am pairing wit Sasha.

and we choosed to do 'sistem permasalahan keluarga islam di Malaysia pada masa kini'.so i bought a few books on family and islamic family law.ze books:
  • The Islamic Family, A General View - Muhammad Abdul Rauf
  • Pembubaran perkahwinan mengikut Fiqh dan Undang-undang keluarga islam - Salleh Ismail
  • Institusi kekeluargaan islam - Mustafa Haji Daud
  • kekeluargaan dalam islam - Khurshid Ahmad
i need to start reading and ask sha to do some research on the net.seriously a lot assignment going on.malaysian studies,thank god me grouping with jes and far,islamic studies due date is the nearest.haisss..
oukayss,enuff with the studies and serious stuff...

i am officially in LOVE with these cute thingies!!!
its actually pins.
soo cute rite???
need to buy more later!!!!

kinda fancy some people now.
snap out of it Liyana!!!!!

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