May 27, 2008

** sudah-Lah**

kenape ia patah?tentu ade sebab...

.Love can be reaLLy painfuLL and Love can be reaLLy beautifuL.

PainfuL Love cause yOu to cry [a Lot,nO matter it is yOur fauLt or anyOne eLse's fauLt] but sOmehOw the tears can be a pOsitive thing [Lynn is in a missiOn tO aLways think pOsitive +ve!].when i was brOwsing at i fOund twO very dEep + mEaningfuL + **awesOme** quOte.

"tears wiLL heLp yOu Learn and grOw,yOu're better oFf tO Let them fLow"

when yOu reaLLy think abOut it,it's kinda true.i asked tOt bOut this and she tOtaLLy agree with it.she said,"betuL r tue,biLe kO da nAnges,kO akan rase puas n Lega sket,mungkin masaLah tak seLesai Lg tapi kekadang mEnangis tu membantu"

"when One dOor of happiness cLoses,anOther Opens,but Often we LoOk sO Long at the cLosed doOr that we dO nOt see the One which has opEned fOr us - HeLen keLLer"

thank yOu heLen keLLer.frOm nOw On,Let us nOt LoOk fOr the dOor that aLready cLosed,jOm kite carik pintu yang dah terbukak Luas untuk kite.sudah-Lah,its enuff [fresh-start + refresh] Like my frEn said,"mungkin die bukan yang terbaik untuk diri kau,mungkin masih ade yang Lain,aLLah dah tetapkan jOdOh kita" [thanks a Lot Baqir,reaLLy appreciate fOr everything,my prayers wiLL always be 'mOge2 kau akan end-up kawEn ngn die' **amin**]


zErA'shErE said...

sudah lah????
wat happen there babe??
kamu sedih kah??

hate to say diz but cant resist..~ *LOL* toldcha so..~
but then again.. i've been there and done tht, so only diz i can say to u.. 'sabarLah..~'

Anonymous said...

love...maybe we'll find the perfect one for us. the time will come. hope you strong enough to endeavour the life.