May 26, 2008

hari yang sangat mem-buh-san-kan!

first mOnday [epi skEwL hOLidays!] nOt gOin to schooL shud be fun! hari nie sangat-sangat xtra bOorink!! wanna watck tEevEe tapi muhamad hazman da conquer tv Lk,malas nak gadOh2 nag die cOz aku skang daLam mission untuk jadik akak yg baEk [yeah rite!] juz xde mOod nk gadOh Lew! sOo,sayer pun raid my aLong cLeO-bOx [ampun maap dipinta ya aLong] finaLLy i chOosed cLeo issue March 2008 [OmigOd,ketinggalan-nye akuh nie]
a few hOt topics on the cOver of the magazine interest me ::"attract any friends,freebies and hotties you want" it says ere = unbelievable effect on peOpLe and it has nothing to do with the way you LoOk it iz juz Like a 'pEopLe-magnet' :: "Are yOu gOing mEntaL?9 vOices every smart wOmen hears in her head" it says ere = the vOices are : the nurturer + the animaL party + the mOtivater + the inner critic + the empathetic ear + the pLeaser (my fave!) + the muLti-tasker + the anger-mOnger + the chiLd >< it state that "the key to managing the masses is reaLising that all of these wOmen are YOU.Listen to what they're saying,because they probabLy aLL have a vaLid pOint"
when i start reading,i land on another veree interesting tOpic :: "are you staLking him?"
disebabkan terLaLu dan sangat bOsan,aku pn buat quiz kt dLm cLeO ni :: titLe iz = HOW BIG IS YOU EGO? it has 40 multiple chOice questiOn
[macam buat xm puLak] ape2pun aku da jawab sume sOaLan2 tue and i scOre a totaL 181marks.

it says here that if you scOre 181,you have "grAnde EgO'' [what?]

Grande EgO (81 - 120 )= "you are very cOmfortable with who n what you are,which is a gOod thing and rare too.yOu've gOt you egO just where they it shud fact,all you need to do is know when to put it out of the way and when to bring it fore.yOu can do this by making sure there is always room for "heart" in your Life,because heart is at the root of all happiness.

iz dat true?


zErA'shErE said...


baru ko tau betapa borink nyer daku last saturday.. mcm tuhla gue rase tau~~

tp xdela terase nk raid kotak Cleo tuh.. juz terasa nk makan jer~ tp bahye jgk en?? hancuss diet akuh~ *LOL*


Liyana~Lynn said...

makan ok pe!senang atie tp xsenang perOwt,keh8