January 10, 2010

last 'teen'?

weekend flew by very fast! havent really got the chance to refresh myself. but time will not wait for no man, in this case, woman. laughs. woman ke? LMAO! today, me, my mum and my adik went to hunt my books to use in college as i cant find them in our college bookstore. we used the public transport. not a weird thing for me laa. kate pun student, takde lesen pulak tuu, kne laa gune public transport selalu kan? ayat berlagak je. dushh! But it is weird for my mum though as she go everywhere with a car. okays, that's besides the point. when we're in the car (my dad sent us to the train station.) :

me: maa, i'm going to be 19 this year! omg!
mum: haa, this gonna be your last year with the number 1 age.
me: that's why. scary!
mum: so, be ready. makin banyak cabaran mendatang.
me: *thinking*

makin banyak cabaran mendatang. fuhh, listening to those words are enough to make me shivers! is it true? duhh liyana, what a stupid question! but have no fear, i am here! tadadadummhummbamm! sambil mencekak pinggan gaya gaya superwomen, I CAN DO IT, BRING IT ON!

this week gonna be a lil bit hectic (i think.), gonna have my first presentation and submit my paperwork. whoah! take a deeeep breath! like i said before, bring it on! and yet, i havent start my revision for my econs supp paper. very the clever laa you liyana! nevermind, as soon as i meet ms.mah, i'll start! and will promise to crack my head! wee~

i'm currently thinking of what to give my sygs for his birthday. hurm? can i give him my oohsoocalled-loyalty? haha. at least something rite? well people, i'm typing off now, let's us all dreaded of tomorrow as for its MONDAY! may God bless you and have nice sweet dream!

bye bye!


❥ Jesmyn said...

Babe. Let's work hard for this last sem ! :) and worry not. not only you are havin' your last TEEN k ? haha all the 1991 dumbdumbs are too ! :P and yeah .. loyalty and your love is the best present for him ! cheers babe !

LyNn also known as Liyana said...

yeah laa. all the mushmush together with me! u as well laa! haha. loyalty n love. haha. how to wrap it? haha.

❥ Jesmyn said...

haha. i've told you today kan ? hahaha loyalty and love! very good present ! XD