January 11, 2010


me: ooh hello monday? have u been here long?
monday: durhh! i've been around since you're not even born yet!
me: sheesh! no need lahh to be soo grumpy.
monday: wth? i am monday, it is part of my job to be grumpy.
me: izit? what if i say my monday has been such a bliss? *dancing off happily.
monday: what? that action and words is such a disrespectful thing to do.
me: hehe. nope. is not a sin to be happy on monday you know.

today is monday. duhh. laughs. i suppose not to have any class today but me and Jes have an appointment with our human comm lecturer for our presentation this coming thursday. before that i went breakfast with Ezuan. see, how can my monday be not a bliss when i see my Ezuan bright early in the morning. but it is somehow a lil bit awful early in the morning. my dad's kornea swollen and need to be rush to the hospital that night. but my mum insisted for me n my brother to go college n school. so off i go.

while on my way to college, got a text from Jes, uh-oh! mayday mayday! houston, we have a problem! early in the morning got a text like that. wth? all the sudden? JESMYN TAN ERN-LEI! my lil heart screamed! nevermind. saye memujuk hati sendiri. maybe it's actually not THAT bad.

we went to have lunch at mcd after the discussion with mr. hellis. and officially, mcd witness everything. i cant believe my eyes and ears myself. i had a looooooooooooooooong chat with jes.

p/s: Jes, i'll be by your side for whatever happens kay? you'll always have my shoulder to cry on. no reservations needed.

even Ezuan joined us for desert after Jes all cooled down. ice-cream anyone? hee!

i kinda clean up my room a lil bit and found this cd. i remembered this cd contain of songs that i burn during i was form 5 but i forgotten what songs is in the cd. so i put in my lappy and started to play it. 1st track was Bubbly by Colbie Caillat. hmm? normal i guess. but when it turn to track 2,3,4,5 and so on i was like wth with a smile on my face! memories! soo many of them! high school! miss them hell alot! plus the fact that a good friend of mine Atikah go upload all the old photos on facebook doesnt help much. it make me more and more miss them. not only my classmates, but all the people who make my high school life soo colourful!

enough typing for now i guess. oodles of love people!


❥ Jesmyn said...

thanks babe. :) appreciate what you've did. sit and listen to me blabbering. >.< i felt better after all the letting out. :) really. thanks a lot babe. thanks

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