January 15, 2010


please, just take me away from all these madness. i need an escapade. ooh dear GOD. why are you testing me this way? well, i know it is not my right to question all your doings. what more as i am not as good Muslim as others out there. despite that fact, i do still have a strong foundation of faith with me. with that, i believe You're testing me and my family with all these for a reason. yeah, everything happen for reasons. uhh, maybe this is just the bits and pieces of the inti in my popiah.

talking about popiah, today is friday!!!! ade pasar malam near my house yang jual damn sedap popiah. uuu, aku lapar belum breakfast.

rutin harian kini same saja. facebook-ing, pergi kelas, hang-out with dear beloved and friends, duduk rumah terkena tempias negative aura from certain people, texting, skype-ing dengan Syiqah, gaming and sleep less. i soo need my sleep. can i be a potato couch this weekend and just lazy-ing myself at home? i need my rest. looking at my own reflection in the mirror scares the hell out of me. why? ahaa. dreadful eyebags, awful skin condition, pretty much i look dead. can i make an appointment for a face reconstruction?

i need to stop here. i'm like blabbering shits.


❥ Jesmyn said...

uihh. too much Baraka ! >.<
negative effects on you !
uik uik ! *slap slap* wake up !
come back come back !

願望 said...

一起加油吧 ..................................................