February 20, 2010

food poisoning

ooh my my. my last post was in mid January and now February is nearly over. my goodness! it is true that i am becoming more and more lazy to blabs here. why? hmm. let see.
  • too much stuff going on everyday that even i dont have the time to write about it.
  • perhaps because if i do blabs here, all my post will be so black, cloudy and not too mention EMO. we don't want that rite? yes, i do believe that sharing is caring, but i believe that i should share those moments which is happy, cheery and rainbow! a very good friend of mine, let's name the person, Anonymous. dia kata, everyone can share happiness with others, which part of it that shows you care for that person? dia kata lagi, untuk dia, sharing those darkest moments baru laa betul-betul care. WHAT DO YOU THINK?
  • i have loads and heaps of assignment that still on hold. malas nya!
  • having too much fun with fast-going life right now. although, still on bumpy journey but whattaheck, hidup aku, aku nak enjoy! tak nak peduli dengan drama kau yang tak matang tu!
what else? ooh! UPDATES of my current life;

  • if God willing, i'm gonna finish my foundation in April and start my degree soon after that. maybe around May. woohoo! goodbye maths, econs and all those ridiculous calculation subject.
  • i PASSED my Economics paper! yayy! Econs is hard people! i don't know how i pass but thank god i did. a pat on the back to myself and Zaza Zahar! i still cant believe we passed!
  • i hate food-poisoning! yes, i'm writing this while my tummy is giving me the hell of time! that's it! from today onwards, i am gonna watch what i eat. i gained weight anyway. uhh. the torture of living in a country with variety and delicious food. curse you Malaysia! *hehe. joking. saya sayang awak Malaysia!*
  • to my surprise, i am still in a relationship. LOL! but .... ;)
  • still blessed with friends that i adore soo much!
  • Eika doing good as well. despite the alarming phonecall that make me tak boleh tidur malam.
apa lagi nak diceloteh kan ya? i think that's enough for now.

jaga diri semua! hargai lah apa yang kamu ada.

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