February 26, 2010

kisah final individual presentation HC

sangat semangat membuat visual aid untuk presentation.
no kidding! i am not good with these sort of things but suddenly rajin semacam wanna do all these. weird but true. these picture are evidences!

taa-daa! siap! not soo bad huh? *blushed*

on 25th february 2010, FINAL INDIVIDUAL PRESENTATION FOR HUMAN COMM. OUR LAST CHANCE! whoah! no pressure there. yearrite! hmm. the topic was, to persuade. we are needed to do a presentation that will persuade our audience to believe whatever crap we are saying. the choices were, we could sell products, invite audience to join associations or club, and anything that could persuade others. therefore i choose to invite my audience to join an activity club. credits to Ms. Zazaa Jamil because she help me when i was brainstorming. i made an imaginary baking club that is new at campus and needed membership. long story cut short, my presentation was not really succesly executed! Mr. Hellis (my lecturer) commented that i needed to plan my movement. that is his polite way to say that I AM EVERWHERE. it's dissapointing because i had the similar comment when i was debating in high school. but my debate coach was even straight-forward,"Liyana, you need a straight-jacket." but i still love you both, Puan Nurul and Puan Malini. how dissapointed am i when got to know that as if i didnt improve since high school! WHATTAHECK? but as Sasha said,"nevermind Lynn, dah lepas dah pun." yeah, she's right. the best part of all this is it's only 5% for our carry mark. AWESOME!

among all my classmates who did their presentation that day, it was Panda's presentation which i most like. i love the poem part. she even looked as if she wanna cry! seriously! heartfelt! job well done Panda! ooh ya, her topic was Organ Donation. now even i am considering to be a donor. wow, she really persuaded me! my other classmates did well too. Anne (classmate) did on selling a breast firming cream! and Qym (classmate) did on sanitary pads. they got guts! and yet we got a few male classmates too. wth, even our lecturer is a guy! hahaha. funny.

btw, i am writing an awesome piece! but still in my draft though. it might take some time. *wink. kalau ade sebarang idea yang nak dikongsi, ape salah nya."

bye for now!

komik makin banyak. rak tuu pulak dah macam melengkung dah. nak runtuh ke awak? tiba-tiba Mama kate suruh jual konik kat pak cik surat khabar lama. sungguh terhina rasanya!


Emund said...

wow i never knew you were on blogspot

LyNn also known as Liyana said...

haha. now u know. :)

Edmund said...

lol......the presentations really sucked..mine in particular