July 28, 2009


recently, i made peace with my EX-bf. finally, i can actually talk to him without feeling of killing somebody. surprisingly!! we finally grew up and start to act like civilize people. and i actually have fun talking to him. online though, still dont have the guts to give him my digits.haha.sorry.last night, IM-ing with him till 2am-ish. sharing pictures and talk-talk. he actually kept a few snapshots of mine. we share alot of pictures when we were together. haha. not with my effin face laa of course. i bet he delete it all already after what i've done to him.hehe.oukayss,cut the crapp liyana!!! talking to him made me remember how i looove to do snapshots!!!!!enjoy~~~

all started with this picture.
i actually keep all his stuff.haha.
then come along others.

~thanks for the memories Ahmad Fadali~
last time, he is the last person i want to share
my story but now, somehow things change.
we are going to be good friends.

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