August 1, 2009

the green-eyed monster

recently, i noticed something very interesting about myself.
something that before this,
i prevent myself from saying or even thinking about it.
that is JEALOUSY.
i am soo not a jealous type of person.
well,maybe before this i have no reasons to be jealous.
because maybe before this i never found somebody that i really really effin like!
hold on a sec..
there was one time actually...
when i was form 4...
long time ago,no need to remember the painful past life (echeh!)
anyways,back to reality/present...
a few days ago,
i was hanging out with some friends,
and all the sudden that day became :
'Hari Exe's Return Calls Sedunia'
and officially,
i felt the green-eyed monster inside of me slowly eating me!
ooh wait!
what the effin hell?
i should/cant be jealous..
he is not even mine..
hilarious isnt it?
this is soo not good for my health.
what should i do?
haaa,i know..
i should not care even abit and start to focus on my finals..
because my study always and forever will come first before anything else..
i love you my deardear final exams!!!
ooh yaa,enjoy some pics!!!
faces of people that always bright up my day!!!
one day without these crazy people make my life seems incomplete...

sashareen and nur liyana

zaza zahar (twin) and nur liyana

haziq and ewan

jesmyn tan and jamilah zahirah

p/s: thanks soo much for making my day more meaningful..

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