August 2, 2009

5kg heavier

my sunday was spent with my dearest family.wake up kinda early today.but still miss my breakfast.too bad.after my bro's tutorial session,we went out to lunch.haha.we went to kg pandan for some nasi padang!!!!ahhh,heavenly awesome good food!!!!miss mak tuo's cooking.hurmm.then went to buy a new plasma since the old teevee been 'damage' by me and my bro.hehe.then we head to Hospital Selayang to visit my nenek sedara whom gonna do some operation to her gall bladder thingy.and there where i met my most huggable cuzzy.miss them alot since the last time we met.

what a bored face
yeah,i am a very boring person who only writes about boring stuff.
heh,too bad..ooh ya,this outfit was created by the very malas me.
as if i dressed in the dark..haha..

location: Hospital Selayang 9th floor!
my monstrous lil bro was born here.

i did not spent much time 'visiting' the sick people that much.hehe.went hang out in the cafe with my two cousins and started to pour everything (well,not really EVERTHING) to them.well,abang didnt helped that much cz he's having his own hormonal disorder as usual kak ngah lead the way.huhu.the conclusion of the 35minutes conversation is i need to break-off.haha.this fact is also agreed by numerous number of my closest people. (i.e. Eika,Jes and a few more unmentionable names!heh.)
cut the crapp!
back from the hospital,dad driving around KL to figure what to eat for dinner.i think at first dad wanted to eat somewhere else but then somehow we did not.hmm.too much in my world until i din notice whats happening around me.ngahngahngah.anyways,finally,we went dinner at TupaiTupai.and i gained freakingeffin 5 kgs from eating there!!!haha.exxagerate much?muehehe.

yes everybody,its the end of my pointless blog-post.huu.i am sooo gonna do this more often.soo not in the mood to write 'important' stuff.haha.till then people!

~dunia ini kejam,jadi hati-hati~

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