July 8, 2009


soo long didnt update this blog of mine.
busy with lotsa stuff currently.
assignments,midterm exams,friends and such.
i notice something about myself.
my blog is where i pour everything that i kept in me.
so,that is why i am going to set my blog to private again.
soo people,leave your emails add at my SCREAMBOX so
that i can invite you.
just like during high school.
ahh,how i miss those days.
oukays,reality check!!snapped out of it liyana.

make alot of new frens.
currently in a MIXED mode.
i thought i am already stable but then,
i am soo wrong.
ace,why you caught my attention soo much?
haha.this is obviously my fault..
cool liyana,you can do this.
just follow the flow..

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