August 29, 2009

sleep in

wake up damn late today. around 1400hrs!! if it isnt for my mum storming into my room, maybe i will continue sleeping until i dunno what have been awhile i didnt enjoy a looooong sleep in session likewise.

what a refreshing feeling.ngaaa!

i didnt even remember whether i wake up for sahur or not.sleep kinda late the night before.why?

well,simply because i cant really sleep.IM-ing with madd,talk to my neneks,talk to Baqir,called Eika and finally called Shadiq after sooooooo effin long didnt talk to him.

thanks soooo much everybody because layan-ing me.

is it sooooo damn obvious i am lonely?ngahaha.
phones are awfully quiet today and i think it will be such way in days to come.too bad.

as i learn in positive psychology, we always need to see things in a different perspectives when things doesnt really go well or doesnt go the way we wanted. this is what we need to do for our first assignment in positive psychology.interesting?yes,definitely.

phone quiet equals to less usage which will save money.

save money equals to more money equals to PlaystationPortable and clothes! and shoes! and bags! a very goood equation! haha. me likey!


final's result are coming out one by one.

such a irritating feeling to wait for it.

ooh how i hate WAITING!!!!

so far, i have gotten my :

islamic studies : 82 (A)
positive psychology : 76 (B+)
office application : 72 (B)

its kinda okay i guess.

now waiting for Malaysian Studies and Introduction to Business.

pray hard and fingers crossed eveybody!!!

on Friday,i met with a very interesting lady.

currently looving this thingy:

name: REVLON Nailcolor (181 Sandstorm)
thanks to my sis!

*going to Sunway tomorrow,dad and sis wanna change to Blackberry! wth..hopefully will get my PSP tomorrow!!!*

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