August 27, 2009

bermula semula

hello people!!!
im here again to update this oohsoobored blog.
referring to the title: 'bermula semula', notice the changes i made to this page?
not much,i know.kinda out of creative ideas lately.
after i squeeze all the creative juice from my brain,i promise to come and do some make-ip to this blog.
but for now,i think this should be enough.
the background suits my mood anyway.
*oukays,enough crapping*
actually the title abit cliche.
new semester starting, new subjects, new friends (hopefully!), new drama
n blaa blaa blaa (i can just go on and on and on.)
but,that's not exactly the main point here.

"i want to put a stop at something i started in the last semester, i want to leave it behind. i want to forget about it. i NEED just to move on. forward forward, no more rewind. if not i will get hurt again and it is really painful. i dont want that. im sorry things didnt work out, to the both of them. what Baqir told me might be true, Liyana + relationship = not really a pretty picture. too bad. so now, better stay out of it or i will end up hurting people or might even hurt myself. but i cant help thinking. why oo why when i really have something real for them, later on things will not turn out good. KARMA? or is it just fate has choosen this path for me? been doing alot of thinking lately, i may end up alone. gahh. its messy and yet very much complicated."

note to self: jalan terus jangan pandang ke belakang lagi. jangan buang masa pada perkara yang tidak penting. tidak perlu mengulang perkara yang sama. tuff up yourself and smile to the world!

alamak, my sentence got structure error laa!
suppose to be : Smile to the World!!!

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