August 30, 2009

its still a long way to go

if you guys noticed the previous post,

well,i am truly sorry of the madness/craziness that occurs!

not really sure what got to me that time.


duhh,its like 2am in the morning for god sake!

mind me!

today,still no psp YET!!! ughhh!!!

aku boleh gilak kalu lama-lama gini.

next week perhaps?

the price making me sooo OUCH!


dad got his Blackberry. Storm. wth!

sis? not yet. maybe next month. she said she's getting the Curve (urr,what model again?)

nanti ade chan laa aku nak bragg. ngaa!!

"haa,that one laa my sis,the one who use Blackberry one!"

oukays,that's just plain ridiculous and idiot Liyana!

my dad got his new gadget, sis will get one soon.

haihhs,i dun want to be left behind!

*continuing writing after watching KAMI the Movie (yaya,call me lame all you want.)

the movie....

two thumbs up!

thanks to youtube!

aku dah terlepas the movie kat cinema dulu. then terlepas lagi kat teevee.

oleh itu,aku dengan semangat nye pergi usha this movie at youtube.

nuff said,tears rolling down.

its good to let go.

feel a lil bit chill now.

haihhs, why is it this time it have to be soo hard?


sorry, mind me, pardon me, ignore me.

this time, smiling, laughing doesnt seem to help much.



cut the emo-ness Liyana!

(disenchanted : MCR)

cant continue with the typing. soo, enjoy sum snapshots!

location: Sunway Hotel and Resort (Atrium CoffeeHouz)
berbuka puasa

*note to self: hal kecik pun nak emo ke? bodoh laa kau nie! relax laa!*

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