May 26, 2009


today i had much fun.we even found another new comrade.zaza!!!
(note to jes: not ze red-haired zaza okays?)
she is soooo funny!!!!
despite today,jes a bit disturbed by the 'NEWS' i told her,everything seem fine.
i dun even feel like spooning anyone's eye out.hahas.
recently, me and sha are kinda planning about our next sem subjects.
cz we want to be in the same class together.
jes said,"mid-term pun belum,and you guys already planning for next sem?tak sabar nak graduate ke?"
fact: jes a bit funny speak in malay.but its cute!!!!
anyways,enjoy the pictures!!!!!

during intro to bznz
from left: Elyna,Sha,Zaza,Jes

wth!!! sha is concentrating????hahas.
za,dun be fooled!!!she is soo not listening..we were passing notes
about the girl who was wearing wig!!!damn distracting.
jes,hehe,trust me,this girl is posing for the camera!!!

during Earth-hour in bznz class!!!
class suddenly went dark.
jes watch.
cannot snap pictures cz its kinda dark and vincent was
busy exploring his phone till dun want to let us borrow his phone.

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