May 16, 2009

pictures worth a thousand words

okays,1stly,it took me 2 freaking days to upload all the pics.hopefully you guys enjoy it.a picture worth a thousand the way,hehe,i already got a new laptop!!!!!it's Acer Aspire 2930.all thanks to my dearest dad.and all the people who helped me to get it.and as usual my sis play a big role here.hahaha.okays,enough time!!!

me, jesmyn and sasha

jes and sha
my two luvly makan partners.

while waiting for intro to bznz class
mr.stephen cornelius.

at malaysian studies
damn bored.

thursday, without sha..

haha,duhh,my picture must be here.
tutorial bznz.salah masuk kelas then got to run to the real class,then we sat at the back and got tooooo many distractions...haisss...

wuhooo,nice profile gerls..

fashion show by the school of fashion..
the models kinda plus size..

excuse me,try to snap pictures!!!
tutorial,when we sat at the back,this what happened.

mr.hoohoo class OA

this baby will get me a good price for movies.

this sem OA book is damn heavy.its 1.6 kg.

and lastly,me,smiling to say good bye...
till the next post...

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