September 1, 2009


flying alien that currently hanging to my phone.
thanks to my sis.
she's currently loooove online shopping!

Blackberry Storm
*tears rolling down!*

budak tak puasa no.1
i mean the lil kid not the big one.
adam - cuzzy!

budak takk puasa no.2
oukays,im not being fair..
my adik is not feeling well today.
damn hot his temperature.
haiss,poor him pulak.
*wth! liyana being sympathy?*

around 8-ish pm, got a text from dearest Jesmyn Tan Ern-Lei which kinda make me feel...
how to interpret this?
ooh yaa..made me feel kinda 'OUCH!' and 'WTH!' weird feeling huh? i mean,i should not and cannot have this kind of feelings! i mean,let him laa. i did the same thing so why cant he rite?
oukays,Liyana crapping again..
uhh,really need to lessen my crappiness. people started to say im not making i losing it? no.obviously not.

anyways,tomorrow the new sem starts!
8am class!
but maybe after class will chow to buy PSP with Ewan!

currently tuned to:
always be my baby, David Cook version

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