September 5, 2009

it's over

hello dearest earthlings!
i am here again to crapp in this precious blog of mine.
quick update: i am now a very proud owner of a white ceramic PSP ( will follow later).

the other day (aku takk ingat bila entah) sashareen show me some new wallpapers she got for her iTouch. there's one picture with a quote that really caught my attention.

"someday someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else."

kinda deep. don't you think? the quote has made me thinking of alot of things. one of the things is, is there really exist crapp like oohsoocalled true love? hmm? before i make myself thinking any further, i stopped all the thoughts. why? well, simply because it may get messy and kinda emoemo. haha. stupid reason Liyana!

yet my relationship fail AGAIN. am i not destined for relationship? haha. funny question! like i mentioned what Baqir said to me before, "Liyana, kau paling sesuai single laa." then Eika said,"Lynn,kau kena cari orang yang betul-betul faham kau,kau nie complicated." then MelMel once said,"kau kena belajar setia Lynn."

ahaa, what are you guys trying to imply here? I will end up alone? haha. morbid joke! what the effin hell am i crapping about? ahaa. just another moment of randomness. anyways, its kinda a refreshing feeling knowing there's no more bloody attachment and i get my single life back but still i am kinda concern of what happens in the future. haha.

relationship has been always a mess and such crapp on my opinion. but yet, i still engaged in one. how stupid is that? another thing that really bug me now is the fact that why is it when you really have something real towards someone, things will turned out not well? weird huh? another crappy thing is, i think there's something wrong with me and relationship that have proper 'declaration'.

okay okay, i think its enough that i blabs too much about this sheet. moving on. there's nothing to see here. haha. back to reality!

yesterday, (4 Sept 2009) i engaged in an adult and serious conversation! my first ever one! though at first im kinda too much absorbed in my game but finally the conversation attracts my attention. talking about my future career. haha. kinda early if you asked me but my parents always tell me, you need to shed some light in your pathway so that the light will help you to see what's there at the end of the road. before this all i want in life is to be an independent woman who is RICH and FAMOUS, but now, i want to be an independent woman who is RICH, FAMOUS, and HAPPY of what am i doing for living. clearly, marriage or any kind of attachment is not in my future plan at all. sorry.

by next week, i need to set my goal and such for this new semester. ooh ya, for this sem, i took 5 subjects, which are:
  • Introduction to Probability and Statistics (1st week already finish 1st chapter,i need to study!)
  • Economics (havent go to class yet.)
  • Accounting Practice (havent go to class yet too.)
  • Writing for Academic Purposes (i am going to enjoy this subject!)
  • Computer Studies (yet another class of Mr. Alan Hoo.haha.)
for this semester, most of my class is with my neneks except for Accounting Practice. because all of them are dropping this subject. WTH. nevermind.

introducing my newest loyal companion, (drumroll please!!!!)

how nice if we could buy our other half rite?
we choose the traits and stuff. cool!!!
haha. but i believe in God's power.
Faith is in God'd hands. as He knows the best for us.

fellow earthlings that really help me in the process
of buying the PSP. Mr Ewan. jasa mu dikenang wahai
kawan ku yang emoemo selalu. haha. also thanks to Sha and Zaa
for the trip to Low Yatt. hehe. awal sangat pulak kita pergi that day. hehe.

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