September 19, 2009

bright sunny day after a heavy rain poured down

it felt like such a long time since the last time i lay my fingers on my beloved keyboard to blog.

i've been rather busy lately. sorry.

well, actually studies kinda fill up ,most of my time. (honest!)

for this semester, i have another 5 subjects which are:
  • Accounting Practice
  • Economics
  • Writing for Academic Purposes
  • Computing Studies
  • Probability and Statistics
as i am a former science stream student, i actually never ever learn anything about accounting and economics before in high school. therefore, i need to spent more time studying for the subjects.

actually i never felt so helpless in my studies before until this point of time.

yes, i admit, i am FREAKING OUT by that HELPLESS feeling.

so, Liyana is currently moving under a gunfire mode for accounting and economics!

though, at some part, i was like "why in the world do i need to take all these subjects? i'm gonna be taking language for my degree for heaven sake!"

but, that way of thinking wont get me anywhere right? and i always believe that 'everything happen for reasons'.

for this semester, i got 4 subjects which involve calculations. whoah, it's been awhile i didnt do any calculations! ngee!

anyways, Congrats to Baqir, he's done with his first final semester exam. walaupun dia kata his Chemistry paper sucks like hell but i have faith in him. he'll gonna go far. just trust me!

ooh yaa, recently things kinda slowly falling into place. i mean it, SLOWLY.

after i told some rather/kinda/maybe important stuff to him, i saw some changes. quoting what Jes said, "a bright sunny day after a heavy down pour". but what the hell. whatever. following the flow. letting the wind blows and just fall wherever fate decide.

anyways, some pictures from me and my neneks! there's more but its all on my Facebook.

when?: 17 Sept 2009 (2nd sem Foundation)
where?: UCSI mph

from left: zaza, sasha, zazaa, me
front: Jesmyn Tan Ern-Lei

mid autumn of me n zaza

napp-over at Jes house!

happy festival to all from Liyana and Jesmyn!!!

looooove my newest G!!!

ewan si mata besar!


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