September 13, 2009


Ed Westwick/ Chuck Bass
in love with him.

mirror ooh mirror..

how i loooove you soo much.

wait wait, do i really love the mirror or is it actually...

i love myself?

i guess i love myself!!

well, i love the mirror because it reflected my image.

therefore, technically and logically i do love myself.

ahaa, i dont see any point of these oohsoocalled 'FACT'.

i kinda spent my day on the mirror today, i mean, belek-belek my face in the mirror for hours!! i notice that my face in serious need of MOISTURE REGIME, my brow in need of another threading session (i mean, wth, i got only one brow? jealousy indicator? wth.) , my lips caked out and dreadful eyebags! but look on the bright side, at least i dont have zits or whatever. *sigh*

just some randomness. mind me ya people..

anyways, just to update some stuff here...

tomorrow is MONDAY again, me happily got class till 8pm.

tomorrow gonna have Economics and Accounting.

uhh, sometimes i felt like ''WTH do i need to take these subjects? FGS!! i am going to a language student laa!! why on the effin Earth, i need Economics and Accounting? and also Probabililty and Statistics. why ooh why?"

although i do feel likewise but i try my best to think of it in a more positive thoughts. hurm? is this the result of taking positive psychology for the last semester? i am not so sure but seriously, i do feel a lil bit changes in my way of thinking and view towards life after learning positive psychology. thanks Mrs. Bing for making the subject such a learning pleasure.


last night, i rekindled a looooong lost friendship with a certain someone.

forgiveness as our main topic of conversation.

can i be friendfriend with him again after soo long?

can i forgive him?

well, all i can say for now is, let just wait and see.

although our conversation was kinda awkward
but i have to admit, i am happy for your 'returning'.
may this time, it doesnt turn out like last time.

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