October 10, 2009

sigh is the theme

menyusun sepuluh jari tangan, meminta maaf zahir dan batin sempena Aidilfitri ini. although Raya nearly over, there's always time for seeking forgiveness. for me, in order for us to forgive and forget, we need to be sincere and honest. that two qualities need time. so that's why i'm a little bit late in this sort of matter. hehe. anyway, my Raya mood just kick-off recently, after coming back from Bali then only my Raya mood came!

sudah lama jejari ini tidak berjalan di atas keyboard tersayang untuk menulis blog. busy busy busy is my main reason. second semester just started, now damn effin busy with quizzes, revision, catching up and such. not only busy with college stuff, but i'm also accidently tangled myself in a big huge giant spider web! *sigh*

there's sooo many stuff happen lately.

i have to stop running away and make a choice. that is what my friends told me. Baqir, Sasha, Jes, Zaza and Zazaa. *sigh*

(1st him)
i am afraid because i dont know him. 1 and half year is kinda a long time. love can slipped away. but it also can be cherish back. am i rite? i mean, if you actually already have a sorta real feelings towards a person, then if the feelings kinda slipped away, you can go looking for it again rite? wait wait. am i making any sense here? and, he need to tell me what he wants! argh! *sigh*

(2nd him)
choice ooh choice, it's not really hard to make rite? i just dont want to hurt him again. i tried being a good friend to him. reply his texts, pick up his calls, IM with him, out makan with him. but for me that's just a friend friend kinda a thing. i am not giving hopes or anything. but why ooh why he take it that way? *sigh*

(3rd him)
you're very hard to read! what's wrong with you? i really have problem with people who dont talk and tell! hello, i cant read your mind! you dont even give me signs or anything. how you expect me to understand? cold treatment and such. tapi bila aku rekindle things back with my past (1st and 2nd) you act soo weird. a piece of sheet! i dont want to think about it anymore. you're now like my brother. thanks.

drama drama drama.
honestly saying, despite all the drama, i do enjoy my life now. really.
there's one day that i feel really BLESSED!
with everything. haha.


enjoy the pictures. it includes my MakanMakan session.

will update soon about my Bali trip.
till then!!!

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