October 13, 2009

let tomorrow falls by itself

[please just ignore the irrelevant picture. just some randomness to start up my blog post.]

tiba-tiba jejari terasa ringan untuk menaip dan suddenly there's soo many ideas in my head. tingg!

though at first my internet connection gone a lil bit wacko but finally here I am typing happily.

i received a VERY INTERESTING text message from Jes.

well, thank god i kinda got an early warning about this. or else i think i'm gonna get a heart attack level 3! NOT! things happen for a reason.

today, me and Jes finally got the chance to have our HEART to HEART talk. *relief* it's good when you can just talk and listen. yes Jes, GOD is fair. very much fair. GOD took something away from us, be it a bad or a good thing, GOd will surely replace it with something better. but it depends on how we as beings see it. two perspectives of life brings much differences to potraying who we are and where we stand. so, let's have the perspective of life which potray us as human beings with dignity, optimism and intelligence.

*hugging beloved Bantal while thinking what to blogg*

today WE (me, Jes, Zaza, Zazaa, and Sasha) had Nasi Lemak for our brunch.
picture credits to Miss Zaza Zahar!
today with much 'proud', i wanted to tell the world that i actually resisted a very tempting invitation! sounds wrong? zazaa having her hair appointment today at Pavilion, so Sasha tag along with Coddy and invited me and Jes together. means, we have to skip our class if we were to go. as much as i wanted to go (to be honest!) but i was thinking about 'setting my priority right' and bla bla bla. so long story cut short, i didnt go. i mean, we (me and Jes) didnt go. ooh yaa, zaza tag along with the others but she went to see her sayang. i'm just soo proud of myself! haha.


updates on my 'Drama'

most of the things happens to fall into right places. but the one that matters to me the most, doesnt seem moving in that direction. i wonder why. *suddenly lovesongs playing pulak!* i believes everything happens for reasons. for whatever reasons it is, i will try to accept it as the best way i can. i can do it once then i can do it again. i think i am just tired to play along this time. yes, i admit his game is interesting yet very FUN but maybe time is not right for us now.

me: "we obviously need time."
him: "yeah, but do time need us?"

his texts always need me to think and read between the lines. beyond the lines and whatever there is more than just the line. i think i lost touch in this way of texting. friggin uhh! do i need to find the ooh-soo-called-ability back in order to get me back in the game OR just dont bother much about it? haha.

p/s: Hariz, penat ahh ikut game anda!

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