April 6, 2009

the preparation

i am counting days till my orientation and college life start.
from this date,there will be just only 23 days more till my NEW life start.
kinda excited,but worried at the same time.
hmm,let see,maybe i am kinda terrified by the fact that i have zero-amount of friends there.and i kinda dunno what to expect.blurr cases much???
suare di dalam kepale otak aku yang recently makin active berkata-kata: like duhh,ape la kao nie liyana.
so far,my preparation includes buying as much outfits as i can.
just yesterday,we [me,my sis,my mum and unfortunately my lil bro] went to do some shopping spree.
i bought one awesome turquoise coloured skinny[note:save size to wear is 28!mum will not go ballistic!],3 very innocent polo tees,1 checkered sling bag and a beaded drop-necklace.
the best part is,all the items i [actually they were charged using my mum's swipe!] purchased were on awesome sale!!!
believe it or not,all the stuff we bought yesterday were not more than rm200.
saving much?
the stuff includes mine,my bro's,my sis and my mum's.
*insyaallah pictures will come later*

i think,my attempt to reinvented/revamp/recreate my 'look'/wardrobe is kinda going on smoothly.
the risk that i have to take?
liyanalynn: 'hmm,however does my purse felt soo light???'
last friday,we went dinning at the Putrajaya Lakesideclub [where i met the weirdest/kinda cute guy] then i reasked [wujudkah such word?] my parents about my outing with the 4-serangkai on Saturday.
then my parents start the lecture about bad-influences bla bla bla n then,my dad said,"you should be doing preparation for your college.not going out every possible moments you can"
*sigh* apakan daya..
hmm,tidakah my dad tahu yang aku dae la jugak buat a few persiapan?
lagipun,what preparation can i do more other that mentally and emotionally prepared?
okay,maybe a little bit preparation for my clothes and stuff.
when i see the list of subjects that i'm gonna take for my foundation,i felt as if my pancrease and intestine all crammed into one huge ginormous ball.
well,i was a science student,and those new subjects that im gonna take are not really the ones i'm familiar with.
ohh well,new life means new challenges.
after all,it is my own choice to 'go away' from the science line.
biarlah,kawan-kawan aku yang meneruskan perjuangan mereka dalam bidang itu.
i felt more secure in this line.
fate has brought me here.
and i won't dare to go against fate.
i'm just following the flow.
now i cant wait to get started.

i am currently revamping my wardrobe.
along the 'journey',surprisingly,i did a few noble deeds.
i gave away loads of my clothes to ones who in need.
well,actually i gave it to my bibik so she can give it to my friends back in Banyuwangi,Jawa Timur,Indonesia.
it is a joy to see them wearing my clothes and i can see in their eyes that they really appriciate it.
my mum and dad always remind us tat they are alot of people out there that need our help and we must do everything we could to help them.
walaupun,apa yang aku berikan tidak banyak tapi,it does help them a little bit in easing their burden.
plus,my bibik wont mind me buying new clothes now.
kalau dulu,dia selalu bising kalau i buy clothes cz she said there no more space in my closet to fit all the clothes.
now,since i gave most of old clothes away,she didnt mind at all.

currently liking vibrant colours and weird patterns.
ohh la la
also still love2 flat shoes and mary-jane.
next on my wishlist is the Marie-Claire mary-jane,with alot of straps!
sooo cute though its kinda expensive for something you put at your feet.
*sighs sighs sighs*
fyi,i am still feeling kinda paranoid about someone.
this is kinda a new feeling to me.
before this,i am not the kind of person who feel like this.
well,dulu aku seorang yang tidak merasai apa-apa pun,i dun give a damn what i felt or what others felt.
people DO change huh? another new thing for me.
ahaaa,my birthday is coming!!!!
last year's birthday sucks like hell!!!!
hope this year will be better
that's all for now.
oOops,before i forgot...
i have a new fren!!!
she's cool chick..

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