June 20, 2010

heads up!

alright people, i'm gonna start blogging once again. this is for real. i need blogging therapy. yes, i just realized. bummer. well then, where to start? oh wait, i hate blogging this way. =___=
  • i just started my degree year (kinda). yes, i manage to not to extend my foundation. currently in my first year, first semester in English Language and Communication degree. this course demands a lot from me. i'm serious. but for a nerd like me, i dun mind. :D
  • this semester's subjects includes: Bilingualism (one tough class but very interesting) ; Expository Writing (the lecturer is very cunning, like seriously!) ; Principle and Practice of Language Teaching (A.W.E.S.O.M.E! it made me thinking of a career in teaching field. what do you guys think?) ; and last but not least Study Skills and Employability (oh so-so)
  • bye bye PSP, hello Ipod Touch. thank you oo beloved mother!
  • backpack to class! then again, i have no problem with it since i am a nerd. ;)
  • i have a cool sushi designed Bros water bottle.
  • display my relationship status with a certain someone (ehem ehem muhammad Ezuan) only because i lost a friggin bet! (or is it? ;P)
  • stuffed myself with whole lot of good food and succesfully gained some weight.
  • i miss my mushy head Jesmyn Tan. i hope she's doing fine. :(
  • rekindle relationship with old friends.
  • i am hiding all my previous post as they are crappy as ever and to indicate a new beginning. oh so i said.
  • trying to boost my cgpa! i have a very SAD pointer last time. shame on you Liyana!
  • celebrated zaza jamil's birthday! here some pictures!

  • aku tidak current dan sangat oblivion jadi maafkan aku sekiranya aku tak faham atau tak tahu apa yang sedang anda semua perkatakan. tapi, aku sedang mencuba.
  • i cant leave without facebook. actually, i accidently dumped my blog because of facebook. damn you evil social networking site!
  • friends are like stars, you dont always see them but they are always there.
  • i did something beyond my expectation. i dun even know i am capable to do such thing. O__O tak sangka but aku sayang dia dan full stop.

  • i have a big round head. proof as follow: sedang mencuba alternatif tudung.sebab? aku selalu bangun lambat dan tak sempat iron/pakai tudung biasa. dun blame me, blame ucsi, this semester my class are all in the morning. =__=

  • i am not random, i just like to relate stuff.
i think its enough blabs for one post. till then people. please expect more from me. :DD

have a good day all! *tilt hat*


ohfreakshow said...

finally you update! dah bersawang dah blog you ni!! HAHA

adik, siapa tu???? AMBOOIIII!! haha

LyNn also known as Liyana said...

siapa ape? u laa! sape 'YOU' tuu? amboiiiii. hehe. saye dpt syndrome mls blogging lahh. sorry!

roy@zabri the white said...

hey lynn selamat kembali.....gamba ko dlm fon tu mcm ko kiss dia hahahah
btw ko pakai tudung yg putinh tu lg lawa dri yg hitam...yg hitam tu nampak mcm pelik je hahahahah

LyNn also known as Liyana said...

roy, time kasih. aku terharu. haha.
gmbar scandalous. hoho. aku test je tudung tuu tp dh kau kate cmtu, cansel terus! hehe.