June 11, 2008

+ mid-term exam resuLt +

cuti skewL sudah abes!!means resuLt exam pun da dapat,sedih puLak rase....wat mase sekarang nie aku da dapat marks fOr aLL my subjects.and unfortunateLy for me,my resuLts are capabLe for me to get kill by parents.One faiL[seriOusLy] please gOd bLess me,i need ur sympathy!to make this whOLe thing a Lot mOre wOrst,my schoOL wiLL heLd an oPen day [the schOoL bOard invite the parents to review their chiLdren's mid-year exam resuLts!] and this year definiteLy my mOm and dad wiLL cOme.argh!!!!this is tOtaLLy sux!!in my wOrds :: Life is wOnderfuLLy sucks sOmetimes.weLL,in my case and nOw situatiOn,mOst of the times.

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