June 17, 2008

my pOint Of view

1st pic :: taken frOm in frOnt of 5bEstari'2008
2nd pic :: taken frOm the 'dataran tasek' [tapak perhimpunan Of bts]
3rd pic :: One fine day whiLe i was waLking back frOm skewL
4th pic :: such LoveLy bLue sky [i risk my eyes fOr this pic,the sun is kiLLing!]

whiLe taking and Looking at these pics [1st and 2nd pic] i admit what puAn.hAnim Once tOLd us in the earLy 2008.she said that Our cLass's pOsitiOn is very gOod becAuse frOm there we can see the hiLL [Left-hand side we can see bukit besi] the hiLL is grEen and very sOothing tO the eyEs.what she said is true but fOr me i rather enjOy the view frOm the right-hand side.when the weather is grEat,we can see hOw the bLue sky cOntrast with the cOLour and shape of the apartments acrOss the schOoL.it is Like sOft [the sky] versus hArd [the apartments].but different peOpLe have different OpiniOn,maybe sOme pEopLe agree with puan hanim's idea and maybe sOme peOpLe agree with my idea.sO we can't expect everybOdy tO Listen and fOLLow what we want,we must Listen tO othErs tOo because maybe othEr peOpLe have better ideas.

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